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Richard Dwayne Blair who is the owner of Wealth Solutions that is located in Austin, Texas has a belief that at a time one will be in need to seek for a plan that will help him/her develop the financial goals. He is, therefore, ready to offer his clients a retirement plan and wealth management to his clients who come seeking help. He has been helping the members of the community with a financial roadmap which has been their guide via many life milestones.

So that Richard Dwayne Blair could achieve this financial roadmap help, he has been using three financial pillars. The pillars have been helping Richard in developing a comprehensive plan for a client. After he looks at the financial situation a client is having and the retirement needs, he will use the pillars to develop a more holistic plan for the client.

Richard Dwayne Blair started in 1994 his organization “Wealth Solution” after he had finished his college. He had come from a world of education and he had realized that education knowledge could help people. He had a motivation from his wife, grandmother, and mother who all were teachers.

Here are the pillars that have been helping Richard Blair in his success advice to his clients.

The first pillar – this is the pillar that will help in the designation of the financial roadmap for a client. Richard will be able to determine the route after he has identified the goals, risk tolerance, opportunities and strengthen opportunities for a client. This financial planning will help Richard to be able to build a relationship that is strong and long lasting with his client. He also has to gain a deep understanding of each and every client’s needs and expectations.

The second pillar- in this pillar, Richard will have to develop a strategy that is long-term and effective in nature. It should be custom tailored to each client’s unique goals and also the liquidity needs. He has been actively managing and reallocating his assets by helping in capturing a maximum performance during the upward market movement periods.

The third pillar – he uses to review the final client’s pillar after implementation and monitoring financial goals of a client.