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The article in provides a peek into the traits that made Vinod Gupta a successful entrepreneur who grew up in a tiny village in north India and pursued his higher education at the University of Nebraska. After completing his Masters in Business Administration, Vinod, who was hired by a mobile-home manufacturer, started his own company that provided information to other mobile-home manufacturers with $100 and transformed it into a company that sold for $680 million several years later.

Vinod Gupta, now the founder and General Partner of Everest Group, spends a large part of his day on long-term planning. He is able to do it by staying away from day to day operations, which he runs with a competent and trustworthy team. Everest Group invests in technology niche domains like digital printing, background checks. Vinod is also excited about emerging technologies that connect Artificial intelligence with databases to aid automated decision making.

Vinod’s advice to young entrepreneurs is to take risks and still be conservative in spending and always be conscious about the return on investment. Vinod is also passionate about improving productivity by maximizing utilization of information available in databases from usability and longevity perspectives.

Vinod’s journey, like all successful entrepreneurs, had its share of doomsday predictors who told him his venture would not succeed. Vinod himself admits to some common investor mistakes like overpaying for some companies bought and changing management teams that were doing well. The lessons he learnt were valuable guides in his professional mobility.

Vinod’s favorite book is ‘Managing’ by Harry Geneen. The best quote he knows is Harry Geneen’s ” take focus on the business and if you are a businessman, don’t try to be a social activist”. Vinod finds the immediate reach of digital social media platforms a great productivity tool.

As a businessman, Vinod invested every cent back in his business. Vinod also lead several philanthropic initiatives, giving millions back to his native village and also staying involved in community work all through his professional career.

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