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GoBuyside was established in 2011 by Arjun Kapur. It has made hiring process simple and effective thus preferred by many finance professionals in the industry. It uses the current technology in hiring thus depleting the ineffective traditional ways of hiring. GoBuyside has also improved justice and transparency while retaining. Follow GoBuyside on

The recent article by patch about GoBuyside expounds more on the new recruitment strategies which will shape the financial future. GoBuyside is a recruitment firm based in New York which employ’s the current job requirement trends while sourcing. The firm has helped a lot of firms to access highly qualified personnel who have needed skills to perform the required task.

GoBuyside ensures that its clients adapt to the current market and identify the challenges involved in recruitment. GoBuyside enjoys market flexibility since location to them is not an issue. This ensures that the firm renders its client high top notch talents. It provides that quality not compromised by finding the right man for the job. GoBuyside innovators ensure that authenticates the available human resource and analyses them to get the best.

GoBuyside use of social media platform, GoBuyside ensures it appears organic and natural to its client’s potential employees, eradicating the current impression that companies appear impersonal to job seekers. The platform screens job seekers using nuanced search parameters thus making the process transparent and satisfies the job seekers. The systems are applicant tracking system, talent segmentation, artificial intelligence mainstream and job boards.


GoBuyside enables their users to access compensation at ease and also notifies job seekers of available vacancies that fit their careers. It also lays down the procedure of obtaining the job opportunity to its users. GoBuyside offers the best employees to its clients after carrying vigorous vetting of and ensuring that they fit in the available vacancy. GoBuyside has expanded its services to over 500 cities and 500 clients. Through the platform, the community can search for thousands of compensation reviews thus making their annual cash compensation volatile and of a right size. It provides the most effective way to benchmark compensation by connecting the clients with a member of their team. Read more about GoBuyside at

Real investors impact their community and leave it better than they found it. While one may use the business skills they have acquired throughout their career to benefit their own lives, others have the society at heart. If there are investors who have impacted the society in a great way, Matt Badiali is among them. Many people desire to become great entrepreneurs, but they don’t know how they could utilize the resources around them to achieve their dreams. Matt has studied much about the natural resources, and he has used his skills to make other entrepreneurs realize the impact they can have in the business world. He has shared the knowledge he has on natural resources to other business people with the aim of helping them utilize business opportunities they had not thought of before. Visit to know more.

As a man who is committed to the art of research, Matt is highly aggressive. He knows he can only pass on incredible knowledge to others once he is first updated on several things. If you are looking for a trendy person, Matt is the man to meet. He is passionate about technology and every change that occurs in this sector. He uses the expertise he has on business matters to advise other companies on how they should function. Matt Badiali knows the best technology and skills every mining company should use to realize great results.

Matt didn’t look forward to being a great entrepreneur but an entrepreneur with a tangible difference. He has always desired to know more about natural resources, and this made him study a lot about them. The geological recommendations he gives the mining companies help them solve most of the mining problems they face. He has become a selfless teacher who makes entrepreneurs aware of the way they should go. The freedom check investment is among the great discoveries Matt Badiali has made. View Matt’s profile on Linkedin.

His love for finance surpasses many other desires he has in life. Those who have worked with him know he is a trusted man in finance matters. The organizations and companies that heed his recommendations increase their returns by unimaginable margins. His free spirit and advice have helped him to create a growing society. He advises those joining the mining business first to explore the sector before they make some radical decisions. Matt Badiali says it’s important first to conduct an extensive analysis and survey to know the particular natural resource one should mine.


Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, growing up miles apart, took similar paths in life. They were both DJing in their local areas, struggling to make money as musicians. When Alex Pall’s previous partner left The Chainsmokers, a mutual friend put Pall and Taggart in contact. This is how The Chainsmokers were born.


The two DJs, after the release of “Closer,” sat down with an interview with Andy Warhol’s Interview Magazine. Topics ranged from their beginnings to their future, even briefly speaking about Halsey, who was a guest singer on “Closer.”


Andrew Taggart was working as a DJ in Maine while attending college; Alex Pall was doing slightly better in New York, but when his partner left the group, he needed a new musical partner. This is when Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart were put together. They began making music right away.


“We were both very observant about what was going on around us,” Pall explained to the interviewer. The Chainsmokers took what they needed to from other successful acts, adapted it, and used it to craft their own unique sound. Now every Chainsmokers song sounds different enough to stand out, but each record is finely tuned to be recognized as a Chainsmokers song.


The interviewer asked The Chainsmokers if being a DJing duo makes it harder to be taken seriously as a musical act, and Taggart wasn’t quite sure.


“I think yes and no,” Taggart said. He also said that for a while all popular music was starting to sound the same. Specifically, Taggart was referring to the Young and Free playlist from Spotify. A lot of music producers are trying to mimic other successful songs, and forget to include originality into the process. The Chainsmokers have successfully brought their own sound to a convoluted genre, and they are successful for this reason.

Richard Dwayne Blair who is the owner of Wealth Solutions that is located in Austin, Texas has a belief that at a time one will be in need to seek for a plan that will help him/her develop the financial goals. He is, therefore, ready to offer his clients a retirement plan and wealth management to his clients who come seeking help. He has been helping the members of the community with a financial roadmap which has been their guide via many life milestones.

So that Richard Dwayne Blair could achieve this financial roadmap help, he has been using three financial pillars. The pillars have been helping Richard in developing a comprehensive plan for a client. After he looks at the financial situation a client is having and the retirement needs, he will use the pillars to develop a more holistic plan for the client.

Richard Dwayne Blair started in 1994 his organization “Wealth Solution” after he had finished his college. He had come from a world of education and he had realized that education knowledge could help people. He had a motivation from his wife, grandmother, and mother who all were teachers.

Here are the pillars that have been helping Richard Blair in his success advice to his clients.

The first pillar – this is the pillar that will help in the designation of the financial roadmap for a client. Richard will be able to determine the route after he has identified the goals, risk tolerance, opportunities and strengthen opportunities for a client. This financial planning will help Richard to be able to build a relationship that is strong and long lasting with his client. He also has to gain a deep understanding of each and every client’s needs and expectations.

The second pillar- in this pillar, Richard will have to develop a strategy that is long-term and effective in nature. It should be custom tailored to each client’s unique goals and also the liquidity needs. He has been actively managing and reallocating his assets by helping in capturing a maximum performance during the upward market movement periods.

The third pillar – he uses to review the final client’s pillar after implementation and monitoring financial goals of a client.

Among the investment management leaders globally, Fortress Investment Group is the trailblazer. Having started as a small private equity firm in 1998, the company’s assets under management skyrocketed from a meager $400 million to over $32 billion by 2007. This was as a result of the extensive expertise that had been merged as a combined effort of its three founders; Wes Edens (current principal), Randal Nardone (current principal), and Rob Kauffman who retired in 2012 to shift his focus to car racing which had been lifetime interest. As a result of the rapid growth experienced by the firm, Fortress Investment Group announced its first initial public offer in 2007. This event made unprecedented history because no other firm of its type and size had made that move before. The publicity that the IPO gave Fortress was so enormous that other firms imitated the move.

Some of the firms that announced their IPOs were Blackstone Group, which went public in a four months’ time after Fortress, Ares Management, the Carlyle Group, Apollo Global Management, KKR & Co., and Och-Ziff Capital Management Group which followed suit within one year that followed.Between the years 2006 and 2007, Fortress Investment Group effected numerous acquisitions that were paramount to their business growth. Among the acquired businesses were Florida East Coast Industries – which owned Florida East Coast Railway by then, RailAmerica, Penn National Gaming – which operated numerous horse racing venues and casinos, and Intrawest (a Canadian company operating the largest ski resort in North America.This routine continued until 2010 when the group purchased AIG’s American General Financial Services, which would proceed to become Springleaf Financial Services. The other companies that had some acquisition involvement included Logan Circle Partners, Mount Kellett, D.B. Zwirn & Co., and Graticule Asset Management Asia. On top of all these acquisitions and partnerships, Fortress Investment Group opened two additional headquarters in Singapore and Shanghai, and also the second one in San Francisco, U.S.

About Fortress

Fortress Investment Group has diversified its investments strategies to manage not only private equity, but also credit funds, hedge funds, real estate and other permanent capital investment vehicles. Due to its high growth over the years, Fortress currently has a total of more than $43 billion in assets under management. The firm manages all these assets on behalf of over 1750 clients, who comprise both institutional and private investors. Fortress also boasts of a team of over 1000 employees, of whom more than 200 are professionals with the specialized expertise to manage investments for the different economic sectors.

Sahm Adrangi is the Chief Officer for Investments and Founder of Kerrisdale Management of Capital. Sahm is associated with all parts of the company’s functions since its establishment in 2009. Sahm Adrangi is recognized for publishing and short selling research. Mr. Sahm explains his organization’s perspectives on the stock, like, overrated shorts and under-followed longs, which are commonly misconstrued in the market. His company’s research looks to rectify comprehensively held misinterpretations concerning different organizations’ major prospects in business. Adrangi’s company shares its exploration on Twitter and its website.

Sahm Adrangi first became famous through revealing and shorting corrupt Chinese organizations, for example, China Group for Marine Food, Lihua International and China-Biotics between 2010 and 2011. A few of Sahm’s targets, like ChinaCast Corp Education and China Alliance Education, ended up becoming victims to actions of enforcement from Exchange and Security Commission. As of late Sahm Adrangi has concentrated the company’s endeavors on a few particular divisions where Kerrisdale organization has benefited from expertise development. Sector of Biotechnology has been a territory of focus, where the company has made its research published concerning organizations like Therapeutics, Bavarian, Zafgen, Pulse Biosciences, Unilife and many others.

Sahm Adrangi began his vocation in financial credit, carrying out leveraged loans debt and high yield finances at the Bank of Deutsche. He promoted lender committees advisory group in out-of-court and bankruptcy at Partners in Chanin Capitals. In addition to his experience in banking investment, Sahm spent some years at Longacre Management which was a multi-billion-dollar fund distressed in hedge debt. Sahm Adrangi graduated from the University of Yale with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics (Bachelor of Arts).

Kerrisdale Capital issued a report which was negative concerning Proteostasis Therapeutics and announced the schedule of conference-call. Kerrisdale trusts that cystic-fibrosis drug of Proteostasis Therapeutics is ineffectual and is bound to fail Phase three future trials. In phase two study of PTI-428, the fake small sized sample groups of treatments give a typical awful results misleading outcome that looks by comparison very high which was not the case factually. Kerrisdale reported that Proteostasis has hidden negative information focuses under the carpet.

The RealReal is your stop for in-the-now fashion accessories. Even though The RealReal has accessories, they are widely known foe their fashionable clothing. Since it was founded, The RealReal as grown to make about $170 million! Women have been reported to browse The RealReal site regularly. Even though you are shopping online, that item can become unavailable if someone physically tags the item.

The inside of the store was done by interior designer, Courtney Applebaum. There are luxurious couches that you can sit and wait on while your items are being appraised. You can find a coffee shop which is located downstairs and weekly events and workshops that specialize in spotting things that are fake. Things like fake designer hand bags and Channel items. These are items that people normally buy thinking it’s authentic and they typically purchasing because they are at a much lower price than the real designer apparel.

In the center of the floor there is a collaborator-curated space. Here is where clothes swoosh out and one friend explained the sensation as incredibly erotic. In the film, “Lady Bird,” the titular character and her mother are seen arguing near an expensive rack of clothes in a thrift store. As their argument continues, her mother reaches for this peachy vintage dress, and then asks her ,”Do you love it?” Lady Bird says she loves it and then they both become loving friend and have seemed to have forgotten all about their argument. Here we are shown the power of fashion.

A new assurance of luxury fashion resale value shows that The RealReal has grown beyond it’s state on inactivity. There was a report that a woman was sold something what was’t what the site said it was. The RealReal of course said there was a misprint on the site and deny any wrongdoings.

Worldwide Asset eXchange, or WAX for short, is a new P2P decentralized marketplace for the trade and sale of in-game assets and currency. The marketplace was unveiled earlier this year by CEO and President Malcolm CasSelle. WAX will contain a network of games, all of which deal with its parent company OPSkins, and will allow cross-game trade and sale between players. According to CasSelle this could be the tipping point for cryptocurrency’s quest for mainstream. If WAX proves successful and big game giants get involved, we may see a day where video game assets are a viable trade medium. At least that is CasSelle’s goal.

Malcolm CasSelle is a graduate of MIT and Stanford with respective bachelor’s and master’s degrees in computer science. He is a foremost expert, early stage investor, top level executive, and entrepreneur within the digital industry. His illustrious career began back in ’95 when he formed his first start up NetNoir. Since then he has served as a top level executive in numerous start-ups and companies.

CasSelle is currently the CIO of OPSkins. OPSkins is a top global seller of in-game content, as well as the leading Bitcoin merchant for planet earth. CasSelle, who was an early stage investor in Bitcoin, is responsible for that. His leadership has led to many innovations, the most recent being WAX. In a statement made during WAX’s announcement CasSelle claimed that WAX may very well be the future of cryptocurrency. This statement could be a very accurate description considering the present market.

The only thing gamers have been lacking is a decent return of investment. The ability to sell or trade their online assets for actual monetary value. WAX’s ability to operate in a decentralized market allows it to operate between games. WAX utilizes blockchains to provide security. The blockchains create smart lists that identify legit traders and oust fraudulent hacks. It also stops fragmentation. Both fraud and fragmentation have kept many companies from operating in decentralized markets. WAX may just be the answer to many problems at once.

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The largest accredited, private art university in America is The Academy of Art University. The university offers an environment where students are taught by professionals who work in their field of study outside of the school. There are thirty areas to receive a degree in at the school and students can attend on the San Francisco campus, or complete all classes online.

The school has a no barrier admissions meaning all that’s needed to attend is a passion for art, and the drive to develop skills in your desired field. Since its beginning in 1929, the university has had a strong belief in building community and supporting each other. Students are encouraged to collaborate and build a support system to help each other while being mentored by expert teachers. Students are taught more than art; the university holds itself to the highest ethical standards, and teaches its students to have the same standards in all areas of life.

The University believes its students learn best from teachers who work leading careers in their industry. One of the university’s teachers at the top of his profession is Jan Philip Cramer. He is the head of animation at the digital domain for the Academy of Art University. Outside of teaching, Cramer has overseen the animation aspects of several blockbuster hits including X-Men: Days of Future Past, Deadpool, Resurgence, and popular smash hit, 2017’s Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Much to disbelief, Cramer was able to fulfill one of his biggest dreams yet, and was asked to oversee the animation for the new Avengers movie, The Avengers: Infinity War. Cramer gives most of the credit for his success to The Academy of Art University, who helped shape his path for his desired career, and awarded him the Academy of Art University’s Emerging Artist Alumni Award in 2011. Because the university hires teachers who work at the top of their industry, Cramer had mentors who helped him achieve his dream job in movie animation.

Cramer has several movies to look forward too such as Captain Marvel and Ant-Man and the Wasp. His career is just taking off!

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Environmental Clean Technologies Limited began a major project in December of 2016.This project involved performing research and development in India which is where the main base of the project would project benefits. ECT is an operations set in Melbourne Australia and they have partnered with Equities first Holdings to utilize their shareholder financing program.EFH gladly assisted with this endeavor as to it was for a great cause and a great opportunity to utilize the company’s innovations and concentrated management team. The funding which EFH helped ECT with was $30 million to aid in the very important well sought-after understandings of emerging energy and minerals technologies.

This project held such a promise to Equities First Holdings that they relocated this office to Melbourne Australia one month earlier in November of 2016.The Melbourne-based company also trains in engineering and commercialization of leading-edge coal benefaction and iron making technologies. Today these types of developments are pertinent to the growth and healthy environment of this world. EFH is not only interested in share holding but also in assisting with making great changes in this world.