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Ara Chackerin is a philanthropist and a San Francisco entrepreneur. His career has grown through several decades of hard work, putting much emphasis on healthcare technology. Through the years, he has founded several companies that specialize in imaging service. Currently, he is working to spread awareness on access to good mental health.


In 1991, Ara joined the Florida State University and later graduated with Bachelors of Arts in Marketing. He worked at Nor Luyce as one of the directors in 2009. In 2010, Mr. Chackerian served on the board of directors of PipelineRx. He then worked as director of TMS Health Solutions in 2016. It is this wide range of service that has equipped him with the experience to advocate for better healthcare technology.


Ara Chackerian is the president and co-founder of Limoapa Teak. This is a firm that employs an environment-friendly practice to provide the jobs needed to the local community. Ara is very much committed to giving back to the society. This has seen him create and support many non-profit projects that focus on the youth and their education.




Mr. Chackerian has worked in the forestry sector for numerous years. Ara, in his work on forestry, has provided the techniques that needed to harvest the available resources from nature. Like other forestry experts, Chackerian recognizes the diversity in wilderness areas and how they require resource management and precise planning. He acknowledges the effort required to make the different forest types enjoyable by both wildlife and humans. For more details visit Crunchbase.


One of the things that Ara Chackerian has always emphasized is the need for information-sharing and public dialogue in wildlife and forestry management. He believes that an informed public is well equipped to help in environmental conservation. One of the successes of these efforts has been increased revenue generation. Today, Ara together with other experts can use scientific methods to manage areas occupied by wildlife thus minimizing diseases. Check out their website



It is important to note that Ara and others are celebrated for the proponent of timber rotation in Michigan. Ara Chackerian, together with others across the globe, have gained a lot of revenue and recognition in their efforts to conserve this resource.