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A mother of three, Barbara Stokes is the Chief Executive Officer of Green Structure Homes (GSH), a company that provides disaster relief solutions. Before joining GSH, Barbara worked at Boeing and Pisces Corporation where she gained extensive experience in management and leadership which continue to influence her leadership style at GSH. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biomedical Engineering and Physics from Mercer University. While at the university, Stokes took an interest in learning other subjects such as technical communication, thermodynamics, properties, management, structures of materials and manufacturing. Barbara applies the knowledge she acquired from these fields at GSH through the provision of autonomous engineering and leadership of in-house projects. Besides work and family, Barbara spends time in active volunteering of charity activities in Huntsville. Read this article at

Based in Huntsville, Alabama, GSH has more than three decades of experience in development, inspection, leadership, foundation, installation, and planning. The company provides services such as manufacturing, designing and delivering mobile and modular homes to victims of natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods. GSH homes are constructed off-site but take only a few days to be established. For example after the historic hurricane that hit Texas, Green Structured Homes partnered with FEMA to provide relief to tens of thousands of victims affected by the catastrophe. GSH successfully assisted the residents of Texas, and as a result, FEMA awarded the independent disaster management company a contract to expand their operation in Florida, Minnesota, Louisiana, Alabama, Texas, North Carolina and Virginia.

Green structured homes are mildew resistant, energy efficient, environment-friendly and can withstand hurricanes rated up to 130mph. Also, the designs are not only customizable, but they also come with one or two multiple bedroom family units with kitchens and bathrooms. In case of a fire outbreak, the modular homes have a water sprinkler system for safety measures. Other advantages of GSH homes include reduced energy bills and low maintenance costs. Victims of natural disasters also pay reasonable premiums for their homes.


Barbara Stokes together with her husband Scott Stokes (COO) at GSH, are firm believers in supporting local talent. The two, usually hire local human capital to construct the homes and they prefer buying things from local businesses rather than importing them. For example, Green House Structured Homes intends to create thousands of jobs that will benefit residents of 8 states including Alabama, North Carolina, Minnesota, Florida, Texas, Virginia, and Louisiana. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

Peter Briger On Forbes and His Position At Fortress Investment Group

The Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors at Fortress Investment Group LLC in San Francisco, California, is Peter Briger. He is listed as one of Forbes Top 400 experienced business persons. His duties at Fortress Investment Group LLC included being in charge of the company’s Credit fund business. Fortress Investment Group LLC is an investment management company.

Peter Briger began working at Fortress Investment Group LLC in 2002 as part of the Management Committee. Fortress Credit Business was created by Pete Briger. The company is focused on underrated resources and discombobulated and credit assets that are illiquid. In 2006 Peter Briger joined the Board of Directors at Fortress Investment Group LLC.

Peter Briger’s Other Leadership Roles And Qualifications

Peter Briger serves on the Board of Directors for many companies including the Central Park Conservancy, the Hospital for Special Surgery, the Princeton University Investment Company, and the Global Fund for Children. He serves on the Board of Directors at the Central Park Conservancy and supervises Central Park in New York City. These companies are non-profit businesses.

Over 600 million dollars have been invested by Peter Briger in Central Park since the Central Park Conservancy was founded in 1980. Companies worldwide have enhanced their abilities to help children who are at-risk in many parts of the world.

Before he began his career at Fortress Investment Group LLC, spanning 15 years, Peter Briger worked at Golden Sachs. He was involved in investing overseas, which included the Asian exchange (market). During his career at Golden Sachs Company, he filled many roles in leadership. His leadership roles included handling distressed liability in the Asian market, investment opportunities in Asia, trading, loan sales, and real estate in Asia. Peter Briger was a member of the Global Control and Compliance Committee, the Asian Management Committee and the Japan Executive Committee. In 1996, he became a partner with Goldman Sachs.

Peter Briger worked as a U.S. Treasury Official during the administrations of Lyndon B. Johnson and John F. Kennedy. He was an Advisor to the International Finance Corporation debt issues that were in distress. Peter Briger was a member of the CompuCredit Corporation Board of Directors. He is now a member of the Council on Foreign Relations which is an independent company that helps officials of the government, citizens and experienced people to have an understanding of overseas policy affairs.

What Is Peter Briger’s Educational Background?

Peter Briger graduated from Princeton University, where he received a B.A. degree. He attended the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania and received his Masters in Business Administration.

Fortress Investment Group LLC, founded in 1988. They employ over 1,000 employees and are a privately held organization. They specialize in Credit Funds, Traditional Asset, Private Equity Funds, and Liquid Market Funds. They are a global investment company that is extremely diversified and a leader in their field. As of September 30, 2017, they oversee and administer global investments that are diversified with over 36.1 billion dollars of capital.

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The Chainsmokers are a popular EDM band, who not only created hits in the electronic music scene, but also the Top 40/Pop music scene. The band is actually a duo consisting of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. Some of their notable hits include “#Selfie,” “Closer,” and their most recent hit “Sick Boy.” They have constantly dominated the Billboard Dance 100 List, and as of March 2018, they are number one on the list. The song “Closer” was number one on the Top 100 list. They also produced 5 other Top 10 hits throughout their career.

Stereotypically the band has produced your standard party hits; songs that will keep the crowd going into the wee hours of the night. But their song “Sick Boy” takes a much darker tone and shifts from the usual fair of the duo. According to the band however, writing a song like “Sick Boy” isn’t that far out of the question. Taggart says, “The next topic is a little bit darker, but I think that’s the tone of society right now. Our stuff is always a reflection of what’s going on in our lives and the world around us.”

This new single is coming in nine months after they wrote their last song, so there is much to be expected. In the past the band consistently wrote a song every month, so having such a gap also is a surprise for Chainsmokers fans. Clearly, we are entering a new chapter of the Chainsmokers’ career, as they evolve as artists. Time will tell if they can keep their success and popularity as shift from their party hits and feel good songs, to their new tone and introspective lyrics. If all else fails, they at the very least continue their electronic music careers and produce hits for musicians outside of their band, as they have along with their “solo” career.

The level of investment is dependent on the assistance the investors receive in finance. Equities First Holdings started to provide a quick loan to the individuals and corporate entities. The firm began operating in the United States. The firm shows successful growth over the last more than fourteen years. The company formed in the year 2002 in Indianapolis by Al Christy, the CEO.

Equities First Holdings acted as a response to the issues arising in the market finance. The group offers cash that helps to solve the short-term financial difficulties. People who show the willingness to extend their net worth can apply for quick cash. The money assists in starting up of new entities and expand the existing ventures.

Workers have skills to handle our high profiled customers with respect and honesty. The system used runs throughout the seasons of the year. Equities First Holdings follows the set model in its operation to help avoid much scrutiny by the regulatory agencies.

Are you on the lookout for a suitable bank for your needs? Want to open an account at a reputable or reliable bank? Nexbank is one of the leading financial institutions in the country and comes recommended in the industry.

Many people in the Dallas, Texas area go online searching for information about Nexbank and how this renowned bank can help them start managing their money properly and secure their financial future. The bank has a great team and each of its professionals has many years of experience in the financial services arena.

If you are unhappy with your current bank or if you simply want to get a new bank account at a different bank, it is imperative to find a reliable one. You need to choose a bank that has a great reputation in the industry.

Although there are many banks out there not all of these financial institutions have the top notch resources or features to meet your needs. Whether you want to open a business account or you want a personal account, Nexbank will ensure that you have a good banking experience.

It is important to keep in mind that fees and transaction charges vary tremendously among different banks. When researching or comparing banks, you need to take a look at fees and interest rates.

Even if you’re only thinking about opening a personal savings account, it pays to focus on finding the perfect bank for your needs. Everyone’s financial situation is different, and each financial institution has the right solution or features for somebody.

Banks offer a wide variety of services, from personal to small business finances, the key is to determine what you need and look for the perfect fit. Nexbank offer great features and their online banking is perfect for those who do not have the time to visit a branch location.

Numerous people in Dallas, Texas rely on Nexbank to provide them with all the services and financial products they need to meet their banking needs. Nexbank is well known in the banking community and has excellent resources to help both businesses and individual customers.

Roc Nation Chief Operating Officer (COO) Desiree “Des” Perez was recently recognized by music magazine, Billboard. The magazine named Perez as one of the most powerful women in music. This recognition has been a long time coming for the savvy music executive, who has worked in the business for over 20 years.

Perez is a native of New York City and began her career in the industry as a night club and venue manager. She established many long-time personal and business relationships in the this role, the strongest being a close relationship with rap mogul Jay-Z. Des is considered one of this closest confidants and business advisors. She was tabbed in the late 199os to head his first company, SC Enterprises. The venture was a massive success so it was a no-brainer to put Des in position to run Roc Nation.

Perez is known in the industry as an intense negotiator and a savvy executive. She has helped to secure a number of successful deals including helping with Roc Nation Sports. She was the primary negotiator for the deal that got Major League Baseball’s Robinson Cano a massive 10-year, $250 million contract with the Seattle Mariners. Her expertise is widely regarded by music executives and even producers. She was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award in 2015 for her role as producer of Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s “On the Run Tour”. She is currently working as the producer of the “One the Run 2 Tour”, which is happening this year.

Perez is a quiet, down to earth businesswoman who shies away from the spotlight but her work is unmistakable. She is married to another successful executive, President of Roc Nation Sports Juan Perez. The two are truly an entertainment power couple and have turned Roc Nation into a powerhouse conglomerate.