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Talkspace is one of the most successful online therapy applications that are in use these days. It has been used for mobile and online therapy by over 500,00 people so far, and the count is increasing at a rapid pace. The company has been growing at a much better rate than earlier projected, especially since the Donald Trump won the Presidential Elections in the United States. Oren Frank, who is the CEO of the company as well as the co-founder, said in an interview that it isn’t yet clear so far as to whether the increase in the number of people joining up for therapy is due to Trump’s win for the general rise in stress in the lives of the people.

Talkspace aims to help people by giving them a chance to benefit from the therapy sessions without actually costing a fortune that a traditional therapy session might charge. The cost of mobile therapy at Talkspace is a fraction of what traditional therapy cost, and there is no need to travel to the office of the therapist as well. The people can simply use their mobile phones to call or chat with the professional therapist on the other hand. There are over a thousand professional and licensed therapists registered with Talkspace.

More and more millennials have been joining Talkspace recently, and after the Trump’s win in the election, the number of Jews, Muslim, and people from other minorities joining Talkspace has increased drastically. Talkspace provides complete privacy to the people consulting on it, and the convenience it offers to benefit from therapy using their mobile phones remotely is one of the significant factors why Talkspace has become so popular among millennials. The company has many convenient and affordable plans to choose from, including the couple therapy plans, which is targeted towards couples having relationship issues.

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