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The actress Kate Hudson is a great example for good health, great skin and an active lifestyle Her advocacy for physical fitness and a healthy regime made her collaboration with Fabletics the obvious next step along her travels.


In 2013 Kate Hudson added entrepreneur to her already impressive list of titles. As an actor, parent, health advocate. Kate Hudson has been rapidly making a name for herself as a business icon in the clothing world with her insistence upon stylishness, quality and, above all, an affordable price point. Kate Hudson’s focus on fine tuning membership offerings and creating a robust customer service team enabled Fabletics, by launching brick and mortar stores, to become a popular brand and well-known brand. The impressive rise of Fabletics has been challenging some of the big name retailers as the go to source for attractive and comfortable activewear.


The creation of their LIfestyle Quiz has given Fabletics a powerful tool to respond nimbly to customer demands, and now, coupled with the reverse showroom technique has allowed the brand to use their physical locations to encourage members to find the perfect fit and look, adding these items to their membership profile, and allowing Fabletics to keep abreast of their members preferences. This data allows Fabletics to respond by providing stores with appropriate inventory based upon local leisure and physical fitness habits. It also encourage the growth of new memberships by the casual shoppers. Kate Hudson’s focus on her customers wants and their convenience has been the cornerstone of the Fabletics model and the secret to its success.


The first step in taking advantage of the Fabletics experience is to complete the Lifestyle Quiz, from there Fabletics will provide clothing recommendations unique to you and your activities. Inspired by Kate Hudson’s full and active schedule, the Fabletics membership is designed to conveniently update ones clothing one month at a time, with choices geared toward your personal lifestyle and habits, with fresh and fun styles that Kate Hudson has approved.


Now offering casual clothing, swimwear and shoes, Kate Hudson has turned Fabletics into a convenient, affordable service and by taking the Lifestyle quiz, Fabletics ensures that their services remain customized to their members.