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Depression is one of the most commonly misunderstood and common disabilities facing adults, with a wide range of symptoms. It is also one of the more complex health conditions to treat, diagnose, and gain treatment for, regardless of how often it is experienced by individuals in the population. For most people, the way they understand depression is not really clear until they themselves are suffering from it or helping a loved one gain treatment for the condition.

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Depression is not simply a sad mood or temperament, it is a medical condition. And just as it is not a simple diagnosis with a single symptom, there is no one best way to treat it. Every person has the possibility of dealing with depression at some point in their life, and it is in no way a character flaw or a personal fault- we cannot control how or when people get depression. One of the hardest things for individuals to understand is that there is no one brand of depression, but it comes in many different forms and alters a sufferer’s lifestyle in different ways. For this reason, it is not always as simple as diagnosing and then waiting for a patient to just get over or improve on their own. Follow Neurocore on

As scientists learn more about what causes depression the treatments and therapies offered have changed and improved. Neurofeedback offered by centers like Neurocore are seeing significant improvements in the lives of their patients by training the brain in order to inhibit symptoms that can otherwise be debilitating to an individual. With the tools that are used and training that is received, a patient is given control over their symptoms and can even lead to some patients foregoing drugs that are traditionally used to treat symptoms that they are no longer experiencing.