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Securus is a company that provides American correctional facilities with secure communication systems and channels. Over the years, the company has been focusing on providing its clients with excellent services and products.


Securus has created an operating environment that enables its clients to provide feedback on the services they offer. The reason behind this is allowing the company to address the issues raised by the clients with the aim of improving its services where necessary.


The correctional facilities which form part of the company’s client regularly communicate with Securus to update the company on the issues arising from the services offered to them, while at the same time providing valuable feedback to the company.


Samples of the formal letters and other comments from these correctional facilities tasked with preventing and solving crimes have been discussed below. These messages come from various officials working at the correctional facilities across the united states. While going through some of the feedback from these institutions, you will notice that some of the details and specifics have been redacted to protect the identities of the innocent individuals involved.


Richard Smith stated in a forum that Securus, on a weekly basis the company designs or develops a product or service that they provide correctional facilities and law enforcement agencies to use on the prevention and solving of crimes.


The emails received by Securus mainly address the company’s products or services and how the services Securus offers contribute to the helping of the society, inmates and individuals tasked with keeping these inmates safe.


One client communicated with Securus and stated that the LBS service was the primary reason their company wants to continue using Securus sophisticated services in the coming years. According to the client, the LBS technology when used with Investigator Pro is making Securus the best prison communication company.