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Over the years there have been many various studies done on our favorite drink; coffee. In fact, so many studies get done that it seems like every year we hear this or that about or favorite bean based beverage. Health limitations and benefits of coffee have long been studied and brings no surprise to coffee drinkers to see it in the headlines again.

Two new studies have been published in the Annals of Internal Medicine and the findings from these studies are really very interesting. One study was taken conducted on Americans while the other study was done over several countries in Europe.

The American study examined over 185,000 individuals and it was discovered that whether regular coffee or decaffeinated coffee was consumed, there was a significantly reduced risk of death due to diabetes, kidney disease, cancer, diabetes, stroke and heart disease. The study discovered all of this applies to Caucasians, African-American, Latino or Asian.

The study was conducted over a 16 year period and found that coffee drinkers that consumed at least two or three cups of the best bean juice every day these risk factors go down by a magnitude of 18% overall. While the study fails to pinpoint the exact causation it is clear that there is a link between prolonging life and drinking coffee.

There are many different companies that produce and roast coffee and the options can be overwhelming so make it easy on yourself and check out Organo Gold brand products. Every flavor of bean they have is acquired from top tier coffee regions in the world and quality is always key with Organo Gold.

Organo is not only a producer of some of the finest coffee but they also produce a wide range of health, nutrition and personal care products. Additionally Organo is a proud sponger of the OG Cares Foundation, a charity that works to provide disadvantaged youth a chance to succeed.