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Richard Mishaan Design is well-known for the luxurious nature of the designs the company has become respected for producing for some of the most impressive individuals and organizations in the world. In the 2009 book, “Modern Luxury” and its 2014 follow-up, “Artfully Modern” the Richard Mishaan Design group have expanded upon the initial view of luxury given by these books to show how a stunning design can be produced from any collection of artworks or well-designed furniture coming together to create a perfect view of modern design.

Following the publishing of the 2009 book, Richard Mishaan has explained he felt his company, Richard Mishaan Design had been misrepresented in the book as every aspect of the designs shown were from the top of high-end vendors. In the follow-up, Richard Mishaan Design looked beyond the comfort and opulence of hotel rooms and residential homes to create a better understanding of the work being completed by the architecture and interior design company; Richard Mishaan Design believes the release of “Artfully Modern” brings together more of the overall look of the work being completed by the company in offices and retail spaces.

Richard Mishaan Design was the brainchild of the designer who lent his name to the company and brought his own sense of style and ideas about modern design to the masses. The history of Richard Mishaan Design sees the founder bring together the influences of his own life to the company he developed after a successful architectural career. Included in the work of Richard Mishaan Design is a dedication to the development of a design style focused primarily on the inclusion of many different aspects of style and design including his own history of living and working in New York with a family originating from areas of Italy and Columbia.