The Outstanding Work of Mikhail Blagosklonny in Cancer and Aging

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Mikhail Blagosklonny is a professional who has specialized in cancer and aging. He is a renowned professor of oncology and currently works at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute. Blagosklonny pursued his education at the First Pavlov State Medical University of St. Petersburg and graduated with a master’s degree in internal medicine. He also enrolled for his Ph.D. in experimental medicine and cardiology at the same learning institution. In 2002, the scientist started serving the New York Medical College as an associate professor. He was later offered an opportunity to act as the senior scientist at the Ordway Research Institute. In 2009, Blagosklonny was hired by the Roswell Park Cancer Institute where he served as the professor of oncology. He managed to be an outstanding professor at the institution due to the experience that he got from his previous workplaces. The fields that Blagosklonny is interested in include cancer, anti-aging drugs, biogerontology, and targeted cancer therapies that have designed to prevent the damage of healthy cells.

The scientist currently works at Oncotarget and Cell Cycle as the editor in chief. He has also been hired as the associate editor of therapy and cancer biology. Mikhail has also offered an opportunity to serve on the editorial board of Cell Death and Differentiation. The professor has developed a hypothesis about the function of TOR Signaling potential in aging and cancer. He also proposed the use of the Rapamycin, which is one of the leading drugs that are used in cancer treatment. Mikhail is recognized from being among the top supporters of Rapamycin in longevity research. The research that he does includes molecular biology, cellular biology, and clinical investigations. His work has covered areas such as drug resistance, ontogenesis, signal transduction, tumor suppressors, apoptosis, mitosis, and anticancer therapeutics.Blagosklonny has written a lot of content about the aging hyperfunction theory.

The main topics that the professor has covered include cell chemotherapeutic and cyclotherapy engineering. He is internationally recognized for his extensive research in oncology. Mikhail believes that medical professional can control conditions such as cancer and aging. According to him, cancer can be curable and has suggested that people who are affected by the disease should use Rapamycin. To date, the professor has completed more than 300 research articles, reviews, and book chapters. He works as an associate editor at institutions such as the International Journal of Cancer, PLOS ONE, and the American Journal of Pathology. Blagosklonny is a devoted and hardworking individual, and this has allowed him to become one of the world’s leading researchers in oncology. He believes that he was driven to venture into the field by his love for humanity and commitment to having a community that is free from diseases.The professor’s work has been acknowledged by the Roswell Park Cancer Institute. He joined the organization in April 2009. Roswell allows professionals to share ideas on how they can eliminate cancer. Some of the main ideas that they have developed include how to slow aging by preventing cancer. His aging and cancer expertise has been useful at the center.