Securus Technologies Introduces Tablet Based Study Courses for the Prisoners

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Technological innovation has changed the way businesses are being done and improved the quality of life for humans. Even in places where one cannot imagine, technology has found a use. One such industry is the prisons and correctional facilities. The prisoners live in small cells and have hardly any contact with the outside world; even then technology has made today’s prisons safer than it ever was. The 21st-century prisons are not like prisons that were before it and offer a way to rehabilitate the prisoners so that they are encouraged to leave the lives of criminals and get a decent job once they move back into the society. One such company that has transformed today’s prisons is Securus Technologies.

Securus Technology holds many technological patents to their names and is continually introducing new technologies after thorough research and testing. The prison officials welcome newer technology that makes their work a little easier. . With advanced security systems in place and different rehabilitation programs for the prisoners, the crime rate and fights inside the prisons have significantly reduced. Since the prisoners are afraid of losing their video visitation privileges or studying privileges, most do not indulge in fights inside the prison.

I was in prison for two years for identity theft and was amazed at the technology that Securus Technology had built in the small space. I could earn my certification while inside the prison that would not have been possible before. With that, I easily got a job once I completed my sentencing. I was provided with a tablet where I could download books, study them and give online examination too. I was one of the lucky ones who managed to earn the certification. I spend my days in prison doing something fruitful and plan never to do something again that would land me again in prison.