The Career Of Vincent Parascandola Has Made Him Famous In The World Of Finances

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The name Vincent Parascandola has become famous in the world of finances. This is because he has an innate expertise, a lot of experience, and extensive knowledge regarding financial matters. He has seen to the recruitment of top financial professionals from numerous areas in the world. AXA Advisors knows him as the Senior Executive Vice President and the 25 years he has spent in finances make him an excellent fit for the position. The new financial specialists are brought into the business by Vincent Parascandola to help maintain the company’s productivity. In the past, his experience benefited LIMRA and he is currently joined with GAMMA.

Vincent Parascandola began the path of financial expertise in 1987 at Prudential. He was hired as a sales agent and excelled in his position. He received notice on a national level for two consecutive years. Prior to him finding AXA Advisors he applied himself to various managerial positions for MONT Life Insurance. He held prestigious positions with several companies in his field prior to his work with AXA Advisors. He worked in New York for one of their branches before being promoted to his current position with the firm.

Vincent Parascandola’s abilities have earned him, recognition, honors, and awards throughout his career, says His ability as a speaker is known all over the world and he relays his knowledge to help both financial experts and those still new to the industry. His triumphs and eloquence were so well noted by his old college he provided the graduation speech at Pace University in 2014 as an alumnus.

AXA Advisors has a lot of well-placed faith in Vincent. His contributions to the company have included leadership, transformation, recruitment, and growth. He is highly regarded and considered a financial professional with a performance history that is spectacular. He is expected to continue on his path of excellence in the future as he continues his financial career. More information can be found on Vincent Parascandola’s Vimeo channel.