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How Soros has shaped the politics of the country

Initially, George Soros did not have an interest in the political affairs of the country. He has always desired to focus on his businesses without having to interfere with the politics of the country. In the 2016 general elections, George Soros played a major role in the shaping of the presidency. For this first time in his life, Soros contributed for a course in which he had never developed an interest. The difference between the 2016 elections and the previous ones is the fact that Hillary Clinton has been a personal friend to the billionaire. Their friendship started about 26 years ago, and it grew strong to the point that the elections were to be held. In Hillary Clinton’s campaigns, George Soros contributed about $25 million. Soros took his time to read some of the manifestos that the politicians had and after considering his stand, he sponsored some of them to different political posts. All the people that Soros funded came from the ruling party, the Democrats.

George Soros’ journey to success

By the time George was moving to the United States of America, he had about $10 million which he had worked very hard to save. Having been blessed with a clear business mind, and a background education in Economics, Soros invested his $10 million in different places. His unprecedented knowledge in investment saw him accumulate his current worth of $30 billion. In 1992, the Forbes magazine recorded that the billionaire shorted the British pound. It was with this act that one man broke the entire bank of England and this was one of the acts that made him famous and placed him on the most influential list of people.

Early life and academics

During his early years, about George Soros he spent his life with his family. He was born in Hungary in 1930. It was in this epoch that he witnessed the assaults that the German’s Hitler, through the Nazis, put the Jews through. The image of the actions and how people were killed did not leave his memory. Being a Jew, he survived several massacres, and this is one of the reasons for his hospitality today. George later moved to England to pursue his undergraduate degree in Economics. After his education, he moved to the United States where he has lived to date.

The philanthropic work

Soros is one of the people with the highest number of charity works. He has spent billions of dollars in helping the less fortunate and people who are in want. He has specific interests and selects the people who need genuine help. Such are the poor students, rehabilitating drug users, immigrants and supporting constructions of schools and healthcare facilities.

George Soros is one of the wealthiest men on the planet. The billionaire was born in Hungary but moved to the UK to run away from the Holocaust and finally ended up in the country. He is famous for the Black Wednesday sale in which he sold over 10 billion in pounds making a profit of one billion dollars. He then moved to the USA and continued with his business ventures. These are the ventures which have earned him his empire worth tens of billions of dollars. Like many other wealthy entrepreneurs, he decided has been supporting some charitable courses.

In 2002 however, he scaled back on his activism after the spirited campaign he had set up against George Bush was unsuccessful. Most people thought that he had disappeared from politics permanently until he reappeared during the 2016 campaign season. This time around, he was in support of Hillary Clinton, who was running against the current president Donald Trump. Soros is said to have contributed more than $25 million to the Clinton campaign and various other candidates in the Democratic Party.Reports indicate that he had even planned to attend his first-ever Democratic convention and watch Clinton, but decided to skip and carefully monitor the European money market. He has recently returned to active trading.

It was interesting to note that Soros had become more actively engaged in politics than he has ever been, something that has been attributed to the attitude that he has towards Trump.Now that the election is over and Trump is in power, Soros is not shying away from talking about his reservations regarding Trump. He states that the type of offhand comments that Trump keeps making about fundamental issues are worrying. It is important to note that Soros is a survivor of the Holocaust, which most of his relatives did not make out of alive. He, therefore, doesn’t like any sentiments that encourage certain groups of people to infringe upon the fundamental rights of others.

He has been stating that Trump’s offhand comments on some crucial issues might drive the country and even the globe further apart.His giving patterns resemble what he did in 2004 when he realized that the Bush Administration was supporting and funding wars in the Middle East. He did his best to support John Kerry’s Unsuccessful run against Bush. It is easy to see that Soros is a man who believes in peace and the equal and decent treatment of all people regardless of their race. The activities that he has supported in the country and around the globe might not resonate well with everyone, but he believes he is doing his best towards the creation of a better society.

The career of Gregory James Aziz has taken in many different stops and career choices over the course of his life, which began in London, Ontario in 1947. Gregory J Aziz has spent the majority of the last two decades working at National Steel Car as the company has grown from almost failing to grow in 1994 when James Aziz took control from a manufacturing base of just over 3,000 cars each year to more than 12,000 cars produced in 1999; the work of Gregory J Aziz has taken National Steel Car from a weak position to being one of the most awarded freight railroad brands in the world.


National Steel Car was not the first stop on the career path of Greg Aziz as he set out to become one of the top executives in Canada and North America as a whole as the Chair, President, and CEO of National Steel Car has created a career that began at his family’s Affiliated Foods business in 1971; this was the first position that brought the name of Greg Aziz to the attention of the public when Affiliated Foods became the top distributor and importer of foods from Europe and Asia to North America.


Gregory James Aziz spent the majority of the 1980s and early 1990s working towards developing his own career as a financial and investment specialist who had a major say in the way the markets moved on Wall Street. National Steel Car came onto the radar of James Aziz in 1994 when Dofasco placed the company for sale and attracted the attention of the future leader of the freight railroad manufacturer.


Greg Aziz has created a company that has hit the heights of success across the majority of his tender in charge of the historic railroad brand established in 1912. In just five short years, Greg Aziz saw the number of employees at the company rise from just 600 to over 3,000 as the freight car manufacturer saw its improved efficiency rewarded with the TTX SECO award for the highest quality levels in the industry. As the success of National Steel Car has continued, Gregory J Aziz has overseen a successful transition from a company known in Canada to one of the top manufacturers in North America.



The work of Jose Henrique Borghi has always been admired and respected in his home country of Brazil, but his current partnership with the Mullen Lowe advertising brand has allowed the already respected nature of this creative executive to reach global levels. Mullen Lowe Brasil is the latest incarnation of the ad agency established by Jose Henrique Borghi and his former business partner, Ehr Ray; the pair first worked together to form the BorghiEhr ad agency that saw both creative professionals take on every role within their burgeoning agency from making coffee through to securing million dollar deals.

The Brazilian advertising industry has been in something of a boom across the 1990s and early 21st-century with a series of victories for the campaigns created by ad agencies in the country went on to become rewarded for their brilliance at globally respected festivals. Jose Henrique Borghi has also been one of those who has seen his success at various festivals across the globe where the advertising world comes together and names the most prestigious and best-respected campaigns in the world; as the leader of the Mullen Lowe ad agency, Jose Henrique Borghi has seen the campaigns he created to be victorious at Cannes, London, New York, and in his native Sao Paulo.

For Jose Henrique Borghi, the need to be creative and expressive in his work is coupled with his own desire to make sure all the necessary data needed to create a successful campaign is available; statistics and the need to know which aspects of the information being provided to consumers is of importance is part of the work Borghi himself completes. Jose Henrique Borghi is always looking to aid those seeking to break into the advertising industry and believes any potential Brazilian advertising executive needs to have an understanding of both technology and the latest trends in marketing.

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Seattle Genetics is a company based I the suburb of Seattle, Bothell to be precise, that deals with developing and commercializing of monoclonal antibody-based therapies for treating cancer. The latter is seen as a much more natural way of treating cancer since it uses antibodies to do it. Many people have embraced the idea because it is less invasive as compared to other methods approached when it comes to the treatment of cancer.

Unlike the traditional chemotherapy, ADCs target the cancerous cells head on, sparing the other cells from the damaging blow that the toxins deliver. And that will make it much more desirable as compared the chemo which attacks both cancerous and noncancerous cells altogether.

The renowned genetics company has also tried and tested a new drug, brentuximab voting, which is a new and improved class of ADCs that happens to be much more efficient and less invasive. This is a milestone achieved in the field of oncology, one that the company is proud of.

Some of the fifty countries that have ADCETRIS (the company drug for fighting cancer, include the United States of America, Japan, Canada as well as those that are in the European union. And since Seattle Genetics is the leader in ADCs (Antibody-Drug Conjugates in full), their drugs are trusted on a global scale as they have been tried, tested and found to be effective.

Founded back in 1997, Seattle Genetics boasts of having well over 650 employees in the united states only. Its founder, CEO, and President, Clay Siegel, is a Ph.D. in Genetics who is has dedicated his entire life to ensure that people who have cancer have a chance with a treatment that is not only effective but less intrusive. Dr. Siegall has also raised well over $675 million dollars that have been used to fund his research through private and public financing. He is also an author boasting of over 70 publications.

Apart from his coveted Ph.D. in genetics, Dr. Siegall also has a B.S. in Zoology from the University of Maryland. Perhaps his greatest achievement was the approval of the ADCETRIS in 2011 by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). But even after that, the brilliant doctor is still burning the proverbial midnight oil to ensure that he is finding new ways of curing cancer and all we can do, is wish him nothing but the best.

Seattle Genetics is one of the leading biotech companies with its headquarters at Bothell Cascade Business Park. The giant biotech company is located in a seemingly quiet area, with no major scientific sophistications on the outside. In fact, as you head towards the headquarters, you will hardly believe if there could be a giant biotech company in that location. But as you get inside to the third building, there is a huge green triangular sculpture that looks like it is made of Lego bricks. The triangular sculpture is a simplified model of a human antibody.

The massive sculpture is enough to alert even a stranger of what goes on behind the closed doors. Since its foundation in 1998, Seattle Genetics has focused all its energy on studying, researching, manipulating human antibodies with the aim of producing drugs that will help individuals to fight various ailments. The antibodies manufactured by Seattle Genetics contribute to delivering a toxic payload into a cancer cell, which contributes to destroying it from the inside. They are considered effective when they are used together with the appropriate therapies.

Seattle Genetics conducts its business entirely different as compared to other biotech companies. That is one thing that will help the company to play in the big leagues. The company has huge ambitions of becoming the largest and the most efficient biotech company both locally and internationally. Seattle Genetics currently boasts of having a market value that has hit the $10 billion mark and with close to one thousand employees on its payroll. The company hopes to soon graduate from a biotech firm that it is today to a huge pharmaceutical company.

The company has invested largely in research as they strive to bring more innovative ideas and products to the market. Seattle Genetics has also been involved in aggressive marketing to bring more customers aboard. As part of its growth strategy, Seattle Genetics expects to add more talent to its pool as they seek to hire some more 200 employees this year.

In 2016, the firm is reported to have collected a whopping $418 million, which is 46 percent up from what it received in 2014. Seattle’s stock price has shot from $20 a share to $66, which is a triple factor. Although Seattle Genetics is yet to record profit, the recent growth trajectory is very promising to investors and the general public.

About Clay Siegall

Dr. Clay Siegall is the co-founder of Seattle Genetics. He co-founded the firm 18 years ago, and he currently serves as the President, the CEO and Chairman of the Board. Clay Siegall is a trained scientist with a focus on targeted cancer therapies. Dr. Siegall built Seattle Genetics on a firm ground of research, innovation, and drug production practices that have catapulted the organization to its current status.