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Duda Melzer is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the RBS Group. He had taken over the leadership of this Group when the communications industry was going through a severe crisis. This was happening all over the world. In fact, the media business was simply turning upside down. He likes to lead his group at this time as he has prepared for the challenge since long

The biggest dream of Duda Melzer has always been to work at RBS. His grandfather is Maurício Sirotsky Sobrinho. He is the founder of this company. Duda Melzer learned the principles from him. These continue to guide his actions at RBS.

Before taking up this position in the company, Duda Melzer had his own franchise of Swet Swet Way. He has studied as well as started his career abroad.

According to Globo, he further stated that RBS TV is not being sold to Globo. He says that the Brazilian law does not allow such a transaction. Besides, RBS RS is not for sale. He says that it is a family business and will always remain like that. For more info visit Globo.

He also spoke about the fate of Zero Hora. He says that now it is being read all day. Duda Melzer says that the focus of the company is on producing relevant content. He also believes that if the printouts are going to end soon, the company will change accordingly.

Duda Melzer had taken over the reins of the Group from Nelson Sirotsky. This was when Marcelo Rech got promoted to becoming the VP editorial. Also, Cláudio Toigo would become the CEO of this Group.

All these are significant changes in the organizational structure as well as governance of this Group. They became effective from January 1, 2016, as communicated to the employees of the Group.