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Trading in the stock market can seem to be a bit of a risky venture. It can be a great place to invest when the portfolio is diversified. In fact, the stock market has shown more gains for investors than almost any other type of investment over a long range of time. One of the best ways to trade is to invest in some stock for a long-range investment and have a smaller amount that is extra for more risk taking than the traditional stock investment. But most investors agree that having solid stock advice is an important part of making a good investment. is a financial trading website that offers investors a great resource for all things investor related. Visit their website here.  While most investors have experienced the difficulties of losing money from poor investments, they will also readily share how a great tip allowed them to earn a large amount of money on their investments. That is why is a popular online website for traders. With headline stories like: “12 Powers To Successful Trading” and “Summer Trading and Low Volume”, new investors and light investors can learn the best way to trade and what types of patterns they can expect in certain times of the market. Summer months can be known as “choppy times” for investors because trade volume is slow as the more staunch investors tend to take their summers a bit slower and go on vacation. One of the trading stop gaps used during the summer investing period to help navigate through this turbulent seasonal trading is known as Lock and Walk. The basis of this strategy for trading is to buy when the stock is nearing support, selling it when it nears resistance and if support breaks stop out. This is a good strategy that has a pretty substantial success rate for protecting against heavy losses while ensuring some modest gains.  For further reading, click this useful link.

Trading in the stock market is neither an all win or all lose investment for most investors, there will be wins and there will be losses. However, the best way to look at the stock market is that with solid investment guidance the wins will outweigh the losses substantially over time. In fact, many people retire off the money they have invested in the stock market. Learn more tips from watching this important video clips.  One of the other great stories at talks extensively about is how some traders quit the investments too quickly at the first sign of trouble not waiting for the stock to run its course. Each stock shows fluctuations and it’s a normal part of the stock market. However, most of the successful stocks have experienced some corrections amongst significant overall gains. Using a source like takes some of the mystery and mayhem out of investing with sound and clear investment strategies for all levels of investing.  For news and timeline updates, visit their page.

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People are going to be interested in building a better dating app will be interested in what Whitney Wolfe offers. She is constructing creative dating app community for the number of millennials that are interested in something outside of what they are currently accustomed to.

As someone that has made the list of the Top 30 Under 30 for Forbes magazine Whitney Wolfe has become a professional in the dating app industry. She has proven that there is a demand for something different than what is currently available. When it comes to staying innovative Whitney Wolfe may be taking things to a new level. She is actually opening up a physical space in New York to open a new space.

The fact that there is a physical location for people to meet while take this dating app to a whole new level. There has never been this level of innovation dating app world, but Whitney Wolfe is not one that is sitting around and doing what the other dating app developers are doing. She is a young CEO, and she is starting to formalize a whole new method of dating.

Bumble is always in the news because Whitney Wolfe is always coming up with something new. She is doing all types of things that have never been done before. The Bumble space that she is starting up with have a place for coffee. She also plans to have a bar inside of the physical space. There will even be Bumble merchandise that is being sold in this brick-and-mortar location.

Whitney Wolfe has put New York in place as her starter location, but she has a desire to expand into more locations as time goes on. This is just another step in making app more people aware of the Bumble brand. She has certainly become well known with young adults, but there is a good chance that middle-aged people will also take interest in what she is doing. The app is growing, and the buzz is outstanding for this app that has only been around for a short time.

Lori Senecal took up the role of Chief Executive Officer at CP + B Global in 2015. Initially, she worked at Partners Network in a similar position. She has helped CP +B to become a global agency that is highly flexible. The company has grown tremendously under Lori’s leadership. Some of the remarkable achievements include landing American Airlines in 2015 snuggling the account from TM. Chuck Porter who is the chairman and co-founder of CP+ B says that since the structures are in place, he is working with Lori to develop the next generation of leaders with carefully thought decisions about the leadership of the organization and smooth transition of power when Lori retires at the end of 2017.

Porter reports on Adweek that each of the ten offices of the organization are led by entrepreneurs that are passionate about building the company in their markets across the world. Elevating regional leaders allows the company to share resources across each office in the different regions seamlessly. According to Adweek, this is a good and natural step towards uncovering and solving the toughest business challenges in a bold and initiative manner.

Lori Senecal has a robust personality and remarkable marketing and advertising knowledge. She is the youngest girl in a family of four girls, and for this reason, she received a lot of attention from her parents and siblings. Lori is a graduate of MCGill University. She is also fluent in French.

Lori Senecal spearheaded Innovative Advertising Technology, and she specializes in inventive technology solutions which can solve business challenges. She also served as the president of the New York office of McCann Erickson where she helped brands like Xbox and Coca-Cola to develop great and successful advertising campaigns.

Lori is known by many for not staying in her comfort zone and this seems to be one of the many reasons for her successful career. She is also known for creative talent, unique style, and her persistent capability to concentrate on a challenge. Her work ethic at Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal resulted in the growth of the company. Lori’s input has also been seen in the advertising campaigns of market giants like Victoria Secret Pink and BMW.

Entrepreneurship is a journey that demands for commitment and ample time to build. Once it stands, individuals reap many benefits from their businesses. Brad Reifler is an American based entrepreneur with the mastery of investment and the establishment of successful business ventures. Many identify him with founding Forefront Capital LLC and being its chief executive officer.

Under his leadership, many companies in the United States of America have grown without limits. According to Bloomberg, Brad Reifler’s entrepreneurial star began shining in the year 1980 when he established Reifler Trading Company. The trading company managed accounts worth millions in different societies.

In due time, the company evolved to become an institute for research, gathering and disseminating information, global derivative as well as the execution of services. In the year 2000, the Reifler Trading Company was recognized as the largest independent operation business in the United States. Learn more about Brad Reifler:

The company was later sold out to one of the firms with growth prospects known as Refco International. Brad Reifler has founded many other companies and has sat as a member of various boards, to set the strategies and targets for the companies.

Recently, Forefront Capital Advisors opened an income trust investment program with the aim of providing a chance for investors to venture in a different place other than the stock market. It also envisioned that the investors could open IRA even without being required of a significant amount of money.

According to Crunchbase, Brad Reifler has on many occasions spoken about the drawbacks to investment especially in connection with the release of Money Monster in 2016. He believes that there is the need for investors to be vigilant on the people they invest with and also ensure that they stay committed to their investment goals and ensure that they do not buy into false hope from their portfolio managers.

In 2010 when Brad Reifler established Forefront Capital, the services for his company were marketed for the wealthy clients. He, however, realized that there exist a huge gap between his intended customers and the middle class. It is then that he started championing for lower barriers to the investment of alternative funds as well as the establishment of public fund allowing investors to start with $1,000.

Google AdWords or Bing Ads can be amazing tools for your business if you know how to use them correctly, but many small business owners and independent website operators don’t understand them and see them as an unnecessary expense. It’s true that since AdWords and Bing Ads are PPC, you do have to have cash to invest in them, but they become amazing revenue generators if you have experts like White Shark Media’s technicians running them for you. White Shark Media has fully-trained AdWords specialists at their company making sure your business is getting the exposure it should.


So why do you need to have PPC and search engine marketing (SEM) to bring your business to the front. Everything that goes into marketing your website and having the best SEO methods used in it is important, but AdWords and Bing can do even more for it. High-ranking SEO will add credibility to your business for sure, but it will almost always take time to reach the top of organic search results, and that time could take weeks. But with AdWords and Bing, you could have your website listed at the top of their ad search results instantly. The sooner you can climb to the top when keywords are hit, the more traffic you can drive in.


White Shark Media has the credentials to backup their work, including being a certified Google small business partner and an authorized Microsoft reseller. You can find plenty of testimonials on their website about how their PPC and SEM methods worked for them, but if that’s not enough you can talk to White Shark Media themselves. They have a free evaluation you can signup for and see from a specialist how they would maximize your PPC ad performance. You can signup for the evaluation by calling (305)728-4828 or visiting


Yanni Hufnagel has been practicing coaching since he was a kid. When growing up in Scarsdale, New York, he read every book on coaching he could find and used basketball figurines as his “team”, executing strategies from the coaching books to try to win the game.


Hufnagel worked as a public broadcaster in his town, commenting on local teams before going to Cornell University and becoming a basketball manager in his first year. He interned with the New Jersey Nets and through one of his colleagues got an opportunity to become a graduate assistant coach for coach Jeff Capel in Oklahoma after he graduated from Cornell University.


In 2009, Hufnagel went on to be a volunteer assistant coach at Harvard. While working there, he went on the road and started recruiting players as soon as he possibly could. Hufnagel has a salesman personality that helps him get promising players to join his team. He is not afraid of saying no and has a lot of success as a recruiter.


Now, Hufnagel has an excellent reputation in the coaching world. He has coached or been an assistant coach for Cornell, Harvard, Oklahoma, and Vanderbilt. Currently he is coaching in Nevada for the Nevada Wolf Pack with Coach Eric Musselman. He is also a masterful recruiter for his basketball teams, getting promising basketball players to join even if they are reluctant at first.


In 2006, Yanni Hufnagel graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Industrial and Labor Relations from Cornell University. In 2010, he earned his Master’s in Adult Higher Education with an emphasis on Intercollegiate Athletic Administration from Oklahoma.


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