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The CEO of PodcastOne, Norman Pattiz, has stated that Beyond the Darkness show will explore the paranormal. The new podcast will showcase on Chris Jericho’s Podcast Network, a subsidiary of PodcastOne. The show will host internationally celebrated researchers and authors who will enlighten listeners on topics such as ghosts, monster encounters, demons, angels, miracles, ghouls, and mysteries. Fans will enjoy informative and fascinating conversations from radio host Dave Schrader and seasoned radio producer Tim Dennis. They will also catch new episodes of Beyond the Darkness on iTunes, PodcastOne app, and


While announcing the launch of the new podcast, Pattiz praised Chris Jericho for his brilliant accomplishments since joining the PodcastOne Network. He said that Chris had delivered his promise of expanding The Jericho Network Collection beyond wrestling. Pattiz added that Chris brought world-class comedians and his next mission is to explore the paranormal world with the new podcast.


Chris Jericho said that fans would learn a lot from the Beyond the Darkness show. He stated that Tim Dennis and his co-host, Dave Schrader, are the leaders in the arena of paranormal broadcasting. Chris expects the two professionals to add new fans to their already massive fanbase. He added that The Jericho Network would avail all the resources and time required to make the new show successful.




Created by Norman Pattiz, PodcastOne is the largest and most reliable podcast network that earns most of its revenue through advertisements. It boasts over 200 globally acclaimed podcasts.


Brief details on Norman Pattiz


Norman Pattiz is a smart investor and a leader in the American Broadcast Sector. He instituted Westwood One that transformed into one the biggest radio network in America under his able leadership. It also became the most trusted provider of sports, talk, news, entertainment, and traffic programming. Westwood One owned, controlled, or circulated NFL Football, The Super Bowl, NCAA Basketball, NBC radio networks, the Mutual Broadcasting System, and CBS News.


In 2000, Pattiz landed a high-profile post in the U.S. Broadcasting Board of Governors (The BBG), following an appointment by President Clinton. In 2002, he retained his position in The BBG after a reappointment by President Bush. The BBG controls all nonmilitary broadcasting services in the U.S., starting from the Radio Liberty, Radio Free Europe, Middle East Broadcasting, to The Voice of America. During his tenure at the BBG, Pattiz started U.S.-owned Arabic language television and radio services in all Middle East’s nations as well as Farsi language network in Iran.

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