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Maggie Gill, the CEO of Memorial Health joined Memorial University Medical Center in 2004 as the vice president of finance. In the following year, 2005, she was made the chief operating officer, and in 2011, she was promoted to be the chief executive officer of Memorial Health.

Her promotion to the position of CEO of the health organization was reached by the board after they were impressed by Maggie’s performance.

Responsibilities as the CEO

In her position as the CEO, Maggie Gill is responsible for providing leadership to the organization’s vice presidents, senior vice presidents, and physicians. She is actively involved in several relationship activities within the organization including government relations, internal audit, physician relationship, and the relationship of the Heart & Vascular Institute.

Her responsibilities extend to the facility management and trauma services, operative services, financial assistance, and corporate communications. During her tenure as the CEO of Memorial health, she has realized a lot of achievements. These include the development of new physician-led centers, construction of new facilities and expansion of the existing ones.

Maggie Gill’s Work History

Prior joining Memorial Health, Maggie Gill spent five years working for Tenet Health System as the CEO. During this period, she won the award for the Tenet Outstanding CFO for three consecutive years. She was also working for Coral Gables Hospital, Palmetto General Hospital, and North Shore Medical Center while still working for Tenet.

Education Background of Maggie Gill

Maggie Gill attended Kansas State University where she received her Ph. D in Behavioral Neuroscience. After her graduation, she joined Medical University, South Carolina where she conducted her post-doctorate fellowship. In 2013, she joined North Central College where she secured teaching classes on Neuroscience and Psychology.

Career Achievements

In 2016, Maggie Gill was listed in Becker’s Hospital review edition of top 135 non-profit organization CEO’s to know. The list usually considers men and women who are leading most fruitful and prominent non-profit organizations. Before publishing the list, nominations are carried out, and the list is made based on editorial judgment and discretion.

Also during her leadership at Memorial Health, the Memorial team has won a lot of awards with the most recent being the Georgia Medical Society’s 16th Annual Health Care Hero’s Award. The awards are presented to individuals who dedicate into improving the healthcare sector. The Memorial team was nominated and won in all categories which include; allied health professionals, healthcare education, healthcare innovation, community outreach and physician lifetime achievement, and institution organization.

By using innovative and world-class marketing strategies, White Shark Media review assists small enterprises to grow and to compete effectively with their competitors. In the business world, the key determinants of the success of every business are the advertising and the branding techniques that the marketing team uses. White Shark Media has been helping growing and medium businesses for decades. They handle complaints from their clients professionally. They use them to build a strong foundation of the company by solving the customers’ problems diligently.

Andrew Lolk is the CMO and the co-founder of the White Shark Media Company. His primary role as the CMO of the firm is to develop the brand name of the company and increase its recognition globally. He is also a reliable specialist in Google AdWords. He helps big and small enterprises in creating productive Google AdWords accounts to boost their businesses online. Gary Garth is the CEO and also the co-founder of the company, who possesses fantastic leadership skills. He motivates the staff members of the firm to serve their clients with respect and dignity.

The positive testimonials of the customers of the White Shark Media are enough evidence that the company satisfies their needs by offering fantastic marketing solutions. White Shark Media is successfully gaining global recognition because, in August 2016, it was on the list of the fastest growing startups in North America. Within the last three years, the growth rate of the company has been over 730%, recording revenue of over $7.3 million.

White Shark Media is an elite partner with Google and Bing. The partnership makes it a reliable company for the small businesses because it helps them in marketing their brand names. Additionally, they offer productive tips to small business on how to generate more traffic online, which helps them to earn through content marketing. It is among the best companies in the world that offer excellent advisory support to entrepreneurs. The leader of the Pet Services Company, based in the USA, Bob S. testified that their enterprise recorded high profitability by making more sales after they decided to seek marketing solutions from White Shark Media.

Thousands of entrepreneurs seek the services of the company every day. They have SEO experts who assist people and firms in bringing the bad articles down on the Google platform. The strategy helps in increasing the Google ranking of the clients’ enterprises, which enable them to attract more customers and improve profitability. Therefore, White Shark Media Company is the perfect solution for small and large businesses that want to make more profits by having an excellent online reputation.

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With all the health insurance options available, it’s hard to know which plan is right for your family. You want a plan that’s affordable, flexible, and provides comprehensive coverage for you and your loved ones. USHealth Group, with its headquarters in Fort Worth, TX, can help customize a plan that will meet your family’s unique needs.

USHealth Group’s PremierChoice Plan offers a combination of flexibility and comprehensive coverage. Below are the plan highlights:

  • No deductibles to satisfy during the calendar year

You receive “first dollar” coverage, which means there is no deductible to meet before your family’s applicable medical expenses are paid.

  • “Rollover” feature

If you don’t use your benefits, you do not lose them.

  • Purchase more coverage without additional underwriting.

Additional insurance riders are available without the hassle of going through the underwriting process again. Your insurance agent can provide you with more details about this option.

  • See any doctor; go to any hospital. The choice is yours.

You can visit any provider you’d like, but if you want to stretch your dollars, choose an in-network medical provider. Either way, the choice is up to you.

  • Locked in rates

Your rates are locked in for 15 months at no additional charge.

  • 24/7 coverage you can count on

Whether you are at work or on the go, USHealth Group’s Premier Choice Plan has you covered.

Further, once you’re a USHealthGroup member, you can register at, where you will find personalized information about your health insurance plan, including coverage and benefits, pharmacy services, treatment costs and estimates, and more.

If you’re looking for top-quality health insurance coverage at prices you can afford, contact USHealthGroup of Fort Worth, TX today.



The fashion and technology sectors are the sources of high returns and stable employment opportunities to many individuals. These industries have evolved considerably throughout the years. However, both sectors have shown signs of undergoing simultaneous growth. Designers have capitalized on technological devices to come up with trendy outfits or items. Technology gadgets have gained widespread popularity by leveraging fashion trends. The journey of these two industries is incredible.


The evolution of personalized music experience


When the boom box debuted in the 70s, it created lots of excitement among music lovers. The devices enabled users to listen to the stations and music of their choice. When this device appeared in story lines of highly rated movies in the 1980s, people started carrying it. Users had a chance to enjoy a personalized music experience after the Walkman hit the shelves in the 90s. A decade later, music experience got more personal after the launch of iPod.


Currently, technology and fashion are developing a strong synergy. Fashion designers derive their happiness from creating items that deliver and they are using technology to achieve their desires. Such dedicated utilization of technology sets high standards of functionality and innovation. Anouk Wipprecht, an accomplished fashion designer from Dutch, equals technology with a playground of an experiment that presents endless possibilities for those who are passionate enough to delve deeper into it.


Creation of protective devices


Haupt and Alstin designed Airbag for Cyclist that keeps the head of cyclists protected from impact. Kevin Cannon and Ashwin Rajan launched the Frontline Gloves. SegraSegra designed trendy t-shirts and jackets with recycled bicycles’ inner tubes. Emma Whiteside recycled radiator copper and designed a large gown.


About Christopher Burch


Christopher Burch boasts approximately four decades of experience as a smart entrepreneur and investor. He has developed over 50 firms from their infancy stages. Burch has created an extensive track record of implementing successful ideas. His success lies in his innate understanding of customer behavior coupled with global and direct sourcing professional expertise. Burch gained international recognition after Burch Creative Capital, his company, expanded its presence globally.


The investment approach of Burch Creative Capital mirrors Christopher Burch’s business values and his goals for new market opportunities. The company’s brand portfolio ranges from Cocoon9, TRADEMARK, ED, Poppin, and Nihiwatu. Currently, the company is coordinating the development of various consumer and lifestyle brands, including retail, home furnishings, and apparel. Burch engaged in business while still at Ithaca College. He co-founded Eagles Eye apparel that was worth $165 million prior to being sold.


The center of everything Ressler and Goldenberg do is Techstyle. Techstyle is the parent company for the various online stores the duo operates and the business models for the stores centers around it. Essentially, Techstyle specializes in bringing Big Data analysis to fashion in order to give customers exactly what they want. That personalized shopping experience on Crunchbase is why the pair have managed to create such vast fortunes and maintain their dominance of the market over the years.

The Strength Of Star Power
The online stores Ressler and Adam Goldenberg run have succeeded in part through the use of celebrity talent. First, they asked Kimora Lee Simmons to join them for JustFab. Her celebrity status alone helped the website immensely, but it was her business acumen that really stood out. Simmons makes herself available at the JustFab office 5 days a week and is committed to making sure the website reaches its full potential. Similarly, Fabletics has made full use of Kate Hudson’s talent to advance the website on These women have made these online stores into household names able to compete like nothing else.

Reaching Out To The Real World
Ressler and Adam Goldenberg have dominated online retail, but they haven’t stopped there. Currently, they are busy turning Fabletics into a chain of brick and mortar stores. The business model of Fabletics worked well online, but it appears Fabletics is enjoying even more success as a physical location. Customers can still receive the same personalized care the websites are known for, but there is now the added benefits of buying something and taking it home the same day. There are only 6 physical locations for JustFab, but the duo intend to open up more than 100 over the next 5 years.

Pioneers Of The Web
Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg have done this line of work for nearly 2 decades. They were there in the early days of online retail as pioneers working for Intermix, but they they continue to stay at the forefront of everything new and innovative in the business of the worldwide web.

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The CEO of PodcastOne, Norman Pattiz, has stated that Beyond the Darkness show will explore the paranormal. The new podcast will showcase on Chris Jericho’s Podcast Network, a subsidiary of PodcastOne. The show will host internationally celebrated researchers and authors who will enlighten listeners on topics such as ghosts, monster encounters, demons, angels, miracles, ghouls, and mysteries. Fans will enjoy informative and fascinating conversations from radio host Dave Schrader and seasoned radio producer Tim Dennis. They will also catch new episodes of Beyond the Darkness on iTunes, PodcastOne app, and


While announcing the launch of the new podcast, Pattiz praised Chris Jericho for his brilliant accomplishments since joining the PodcastOne Network. He said that Chris had delivered his promise of expanding The Jericho Network Collection beyond wrestling. Pattiz added that Chris brought world-class comedians and his next mission is to explore the paranormal world with the new podcast.


Chris Jericho said that fans would learn a lot from the Beyond the Darkness show. He stated that Tim Dennis and his co-host, Dave Schrader, are the leaders in the arena of paranormal broadcasting. Chris expects the two professionals to add new fans to their already massive fanbase. He added that The Jericho Network would avail all the resources and time required to make the new show successful.




Created by Norman Pattiz, PodcastOne is the largest and most reliable podcast network that earns most of its revenue through advertisements. It boasts over 200 globally acclaimed podcasts.


Brief details on Norman Pattiz


Norman Pattiz is a smart investor and a leader in the American Broadcast Sector. He instituted Westwood One that transformed into one the biggest radio network in America under his able leadership. It also became the most trusted provider of sports, talk, news, entertainment, and traffic programming. Westwood One owned, controlled, or circulated NFL Football, The Super Bowl, NCAA Basketball, NBC radio networks, the Mutual Broadcasting System, and CBS News.


In 2000, Pattiz landed a high-profile post in the U.S. Broadcasting Board of Governors (The BBG), following an appointment by President Clinton. In 2002, he retained his position in The BBG after a reappointment by President Bush. The BBG controls all nonmilitary broadcasting services in the U.S., starting from the Radio Liberty, Radio Free Europe, Middle East Broadcasting, to The Voice of America. During his tenure at the BBG, Pattiz started U.S.-owned Arabic language television and radio services in all Middle East’s nations as well as Farsi language network in Iran.

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The Swiss Start-Up Factory (SSUF) was founded in 2014. It is based in Zurich and looks for thriving digital entrepreneurs. This puts the firm in a position to provide exciting opportunities through its network in Switzerland, and across the globe. The firm runs an accelerator program that is three-month-long in which they offer a unique platform for coaching, services, office space and mentoring in addition to entrepreneurial networks aimed at enabling them achieve their ambitious goals.


The SSUF reflects back on two successful years, in which, it has positioned itself as being an independent and privately financed Swiss Startup Accelerator. After over 1500 startup applications in 2016, the firm, aided by a team of 50 expert mentors, was able to complete two pending Accelerator batches. Through the co-founding of 10 growing Swiss firms and strategic partnerships with firms such as Goldbach Group, AMAG, Red Bull Media House, and Helvetia, the SSUF is currently well positioned to move on to the next development stage.


The SSUF’s Advisory Board actively offers support to the Accelerator in strategic topics, which is something that has been designed to open doors to various key stakeholders. Through the year, the firm aims at strengthening the Advisory Board by providing additional members.


Mike Baur, who is the co-founder and executive chairman of SSUF, points out of how pleased they are in winning high-profile personalities for their cause. According to Baur, the commitment of the experts proves that the firm has been doing a great job over the previous two years. He adds that the commitment also shows that they are trusted with their ability to play an important role in a startup scene in the next few years, and not only in Switzerland, but also globally.


About Mike Baur


Mike Baur roots are deep-seated in Fribourg, Switzerland, a region that he still associates with dearly. As a teen, he was captivated with matters of banking and finance. This was such a satisfaction; having to create a profession out of his childhood passion. Mike did spend almost two decades in Private Banking. He was able to ascend up the career ladder from an apprentice to a policymaking official.


At the turn of 39 years, Baur had begun his journey as an entrepreneur and co-founded the SSUF that is currently ranked as the leading autonomous and privately funded Swiss Startup Accelerator. Mike is an alumnus of Rochester University where he obtained his MBA, he also schooled at University of Berne and obtained an Executive MBA.


The Atlanta Hawks has filed a lawsuit against Ferry for breach of contract. The lawsuit involves the settlement of assertions made by Danny Ferry, the former general manager of Hawks. Bruce Levenson was a controlling partner of former Hawks ownership group. Notably, current ownership of Hawks is not linked to the lawsuit.

The lawsuit filed against New Hampshire is a civil action for dishonoring terms of a contract. Hawks Basketball claims that it was insured against certain damages related to employment practices such as workplace torts and wrongful termination of contracts. On 2nd, 2015, Atlanta Hawks Basketball issued a notice to AIG stating that claims asserted by Ferry were covered under the contract. As a result, Hawks ownership and Ferry reached an undisclosed buyout agreement to end the six-year contract on June 22nd, 2015. Two days later, the sale of the franchise to the Ressler-led group was approved.

The current spokesman of Hawks says that they are aware of the reported claims. However, the plaintiff and accused no longer relates with the Hawks. According to court documents, IAG refused to accept coverage of the covered losses. As such, the lawsuit claims dishonor of the terms of the contract for failure to participate in the defense of said claims.

About Bruce Levenson

Currently, Mr. Bruce serves as a managing partner at United Communications Group. He teamed up with Mr. Edwin Peskowitz to establish United Communications Group (UCG). He also owns Atlanta Spirit, LLC. Before founding UCG, Mr. Levenson would write for Observer Publishing and Washington Star. Besides, he has been serving on the board of TechTarget since February 10th, 2015. According to Time Magazine, he is also a member of the Board of Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association. As a philanthropist, Mr. Levenson is the President of Washington-based I have a Dream Foundation. He attended America University and Washington University to pursue a Bachelor degree in J.D. and Arts respectively. For more info, visit


Born to a man with ancestral ties to the Norwegian king’s consul and a mother who is a descendant of Venezuela’s first president, young Thor Halvorssen grew up to become a champion of global human rights.

His first direct contact came while a freshman at the University of Pennsylvania where he was studying political science and history. Thor Halvorssen’s father was arrested, tortured and beaten in a Caracas jail for 74 days while investigating the Medellin cartel for possible money laundering and bank fraud. The young Halvorssen jumped to action by connecting with Amnesty International and started a campaign for his father’s release. Ultimately, the charges were dropped, his father was released, and Halvorssen ended up director of the Pan-American Committee for the International Society for Human Rights.

About a decade later, a second incident hit home. Halvorssen’s mother was attending a peaceful protest in Venezuela and was shot and wounded. This event was captured on live television and led Halvorssen to pen an article that was published in The Wall Street Journal.

Today, Halvorssen continues his advocacy as founder of the non-profit Human Rights Foundation. Started in 2005 and headquartered in New York City, the HRF’s mission is to “unite people in the common cause of defending human rights and promoting liberal democracy.” They have an International Council comprised of several former political prisoners including Russian activist Vladimir Bukovsky and Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel.

In 2009, Halvorssen founded the Oslo Freedom Forum. It takes place annually in Oslo, Norway and brings together human rights activists from around the globe. It has become so successful that The Economist described it as a “spectacular human-rights festival…on its way to becoming a human-rights equivalent of the Dabos economic forum.”

Halvorssen is equally passionate about identifying human rights issues through films that he has produced such as Indoctrinate U, Freedom’s Fury, The Singing Revolution, The Libel Tourist and more currently in development or post-production.


USHEALTH Group is an insurance company headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas that offers disability insurance, life insurance, and accident insurance services. USHEALTH Group works in collaboration with other firms namely National Foundation Life Insurance Company as well as the globally acclaimed Life Insurance Company of America. USHEALTH Group clientele is made up of small enterprise owners & their staff, families, and self-employed individuals. In the last five decades, USHEALTH Group has offered insurance covers to more than fifteen million clients.

USHEALTH Group’s advisory team

USHEALTH Group is a private company with over 1000 employees. Most of the employees are advisors who sell insurance policies to clients. Upon hiring their workers, USHEALTH Group ensures that they go through the necessary training process. This process prepares the agents to be objective and ready to tackle customer needs. The employees, in turn, get proper remuneration for the services rendered.

USHEALTH Group’s products

USHEALTH Group offers services and products such accident and specified disease covers. This company takes a keen interest in the needs of clients and provides them with an array of plans. USHEALTH Group has compiled a broad portfolio of services that are affordable to their customers. This company operates on three pillars: Affordability, reliability, and flexibility. These pillars have differentiated USHEALTH Group from other competitors in the insurance sector. USHEALTH Group services the low-income earners in the society by providing them with discounted insurance plans.

USHEALTH Group also provides mutual insurance cover, such as the Sickness/Disease and Accident Plans, which serves customers in need of a secure and more tailored cover. Other plans offered by this company include Dental and Vision Plans, Income Protector, and Short-Term Accident schemes. This company exercises high levels of transparency and engages in sound business practices.

USHEALTH Group’s achievements

In the last couple of years, this company has won several awards. In 2015, the firm was declared the winner of the Bronze Stevie Award at the 12th Annual International Business Awards. In 2016, USHEALTH Group won the Gold Award in the category of Insurance, Banking, Financial, and Accounting. The same year, the company scooped a Gold Award at the 2016 annual Golden Bridge Awards.

USHEALTH Group reviews from clients

With an excellent track of achievement of more than 50 years, USHEALTH Group is one of the most popular insurance company in the United States. Most of the customers are impressed with their products and the fact that they are tailored to suit their desires. According to some customers, USHEALTH Group’s plans are flexible and allow them to be treated by doctors of their choice. The many compliments and positive reviews that USHEALTH Group continues to receive confirms that clients are happy with the services rendered.