Dr Avi Weisfogel’s Pursuit in The Treatment of Sleep Apnea

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Even with a degree in biology and psychology and a DDS from Rutgers University and New York University College of Dentistry respectively, the founder of Dental Sleep Masters knew what he wanted to do all along. He was always curious about sleep apnea and committed to creating awareness on the condition and treat it. Even as a dentist, he still pursued his dream and desire to learn more about the condition. In his dentistry duties, he still finds ways that which can help doctors and dentists treat this condition as he believes it is associated with diabetes, stroke and other lifestyle diseases.

At Dentist Sleep Masters, he uses his knowledge and research on sleep apnea to teach other dentists how they can treat it. This gives patients of all ages to understand what disease is all about and get treated as soon as possible. He has founded the Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient that teaches and lectures dentists about sleep apnea and how they can diagnose and treat their patients at early stages.

In a press release, Dr Avi has created a model that enables the disease to be diagnosed and treated as soon as possible. The model has helped several physicians and dentists to give the appropriate treatment to their patients. This has also called for the attention of the medical community to come up with better ways and treatments for individuals suffering from this condition. Together with his staff at Dental Sleep Masters, Dr Avi pushes further towards dealing with this disease.

Apart from being a dentist, Dr Avi is also a skilled marketer. To be a successful entrepreneur while at the same time practicing dentistry, his keen understanding of marketing has played a major role in the success of his business. He is able to come up with ideas, models and therapies and has been able to market and sell them to patients, organizations and other medics.

His compassion nature is also seen in his support for children from unprivileged families. He helped launch the Go Fund Me Campaign that helps support Operation Smile that is dedicated to taking care of children in eighty countries around the world.