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Michael Zomber is a historian, writer and filmmaker who is committed to the more unique parts of history. He has worked across the history of the world to create his art, and this article explains how he has created better content for those who wish to learn more about the world around them.

Everyone who is watching or reading Michael Zomber will find him to be an interesting character with an interesting take on the world.

#1: How Does He Cover History?

According to PR News Wire, Michael Zomber covers history from a different angle on each project. He has written and made films about how the Christian church intersected with Samurai culture, and he has talked about how the history of the world changed in places like Kentucky.

Each new piece of content he creates is meant to educate, and his view of history will help kids get more interested in how the world works.

#2: He Keeps An Artifacts Collection

The artifacts collection that Michael has built over the years is quite impressive, and it is one that he shares with as many people as possible. He may use the artifacts in his films, and he talks often about how he has found the items in his collection. The collection is a wonderful thing to behold, and it helps many people learn about history.

#3: Writing Books And Making Movies

Michael splits his time between books and movies because he knows that some people prefer to read or watch films.

He wishes to cover as much ground as possible with the art he makes, and he wishes to share information that his viewers or readers do not have. He knows it is quite possible to help educate the youth of America about history, and he will begin using as many different pieces of material to help.

The world of history is broad, and Michael wishes to help everyone learn something they did not know about the world. He knows he may help with simple films that delve into a new side of history, and he writes quite a lot on the same topics in his books.

Arena Mineirão, a sports arena constructed by Construcap, has been awarded the Lead Platinum Certification Seal. This seal certifies the work followed sustainable construction principles. Along with the arena at the University of Texas, Arena Mineirão is one of only two sports arenas in the world to hold this designation.

This seal is rewarded by the US Green Building Council. A builder who seeks the seal must register before beginning the project, and several principals and actions must be followed in order to be rewarded. The criteria on that must be followed include responsible use of water, energy efficiency, recycling/reuse of materials, using locally based workers, technological innovation, and the quality of indoor environments.

Construcap explained some of the details in meeting the required levels of sustainability. Air circulation and conditioning were made more efficient, leading to lower ongoing energy usage. Also built into the stadium is a system to capture and store rainwater, which is used in the toilets and urinals of the stadium as well as irrigation of the field. The arena on YouTube also has solar panels, which generate enough electricity to power 1,200 homes. There is also a system built in to make sure there is adequate collection and disposal of waste, and to have 90% of it recycled.

Construcap is a company that operates in the Buildings, Industrial, and Infrastructure segments. Construcap is among the ten largest construction companies in Brazil and is a recognized leader. The company was founded in 1944 and operates in both the public and private markets on Some of their major works include Santos Dumont Airport, Solomon’s Temple, the São Paulo Metro, and the Subway of São Paulo.

Dr. Jennifer Walden. A name now recognized for hard work and differences made in her patient’s lives. Dr. Walden is a board certified plastic surgeon and a mother to two twin boys named Houston and Rex. She plays two very important roles in her day to day life. She is also a minority. She is among only a limited number of female board certified plastic surgeons. It has been noted that there are only 851 women in this field in the U.S. The accredited doctor has also hit the mark with several publications including Health and Lifestyle magazines, making her one of the most elite physicians in the business.



Dr. Jennifer Walden has had training in Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetic surgery, ranking second in her class. She specializes in eyelid lifts, face lifts, liposuction, and breast implants. The good doctor has been featured on prominent networks like Fox, VH1 and ABC and has been practicing plastic surgery for over 12 years. Dr. Walden has two clinics in Texas which she is a native of. She brought her adoring twin boys there to be closer to family. Her patient volume is growing and she ultimately wants women to feel more confident in themselves. Jennifer has noted that most of her patients feel more comfortable with her because she is a female and can also understand the need of a tummy tuck. This healthy physician seems to also want to empower women by helping her patients enhance their features to a healthy and safe degree.

Read more about Jennifer Walden:

Even with a degree in biology and psychology and a DDS from Rutgers University and New York University College of Dentistry respectively, the founder of Dental Sleep Masters knew what he wanted to do all along. He was always curious about sleep apnea and committed to creating awareness on the condition and treat it. Even as a dentist, he still pursued his dream and desire to learn more about the condition. In his dentistry duties, he still finds ways that which can help doctors and dentists treat this condition as he believes it is associated with diabetes, stroke and other lifestyle diseases.

At Dentist Sleep Masters, he uses his knowledge and research on sleep apnea to teach other dentists how they can treat it. This gives patients of all ages to understand what disease is all about and get treated as soon as possible. He has founded the Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient that teaches and lectures dentists about sleep apnea and how they can diagnose and treat their patients at early stages.

In a press release, Dr Avi has created a model that enables the disease to be diagnosed and treated as soon as possible. The model has helped several physicians and dentists to give the appropriate treatment to their patients. This has also called for the attention of the medical community to come up with better ways and treatments for individuals suffering from this condition. Together with his staff at Dental Sleep Masters, Dr Avi pushes further towards dealing with this disease.

Apart from being a dentist, Dr Avi is also a skilled marketer. To be a successful entrepreneur while at the same time practicing dentistry, his keen understanding of marketing has played a major role in the success of his business. He is able to come up with ideas, models and therapies and has been able to market and sell them to patients, organizations and other medics.

His compassion nature is also seen in his support for children from unprivileged families. He helped launch the Go Fund Me Campaign that helps support Operation Smile that is dedicated to taking care of children in eighty countries around the world.


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Evolution Of Smooth

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In June 2016, Global Tel Link issued an inaccurate and misleading press release. The company made people believe that GTL was going the next step in lawsuits against Securus Technologies. GTL stated that the lawsuits had a very high chance to be successful. These trials mainly dealt with the issue of patents. One example of an inaccurate press release was that the PTAB had determined all innovations made by the company were patentable. GTL was moving back to court to protect its technology. GTL made claims that Securus had monitored their video visit technology.


However, Securus disproved all these allegations stating that they were inaccurate and misleading. Securus said that the PTAB was not able to determine if any innovations were patentable. The PTAB had only concluded that they were going to review those claims. GTL had made a request to move to court. The application was not yet possible because the company had no evidence against Securus Technologies.


I find that GTL has been dishonest with the general public. Instead of focusing on seeking its licenses and patents, the company tries to pick a fight with other businesses. I question the approach taken by GTL and think that it is not acting in the best interest of the enterprise. The company has not portrayed a proper financial practice. The company has spent its revenues to seek fights with its competitors. However, Securus has indicated that it is ready to defend itself from its competitors and their attacks. Securus Technologies has superiority to Securus. The company has more than twice the number of patents held by GTL.


About Securus Technologies


Securus Technologies has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. The company serves more than 3,500 correction facilities spread across North America. The company has shown a commitment to serve by providing high-quality communication technology. The company’s motto is connecting what matters.