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The retail industry is a tough industry. While a lot of people can get a job in the retail industry, there is a lot of competition when it comes to the head of the stores. For one thing, people always have to come up with new ideas that will bring them ahead of the other competition. For one thing, they have to do more than figure out the right price for the items that will bring in the customers, but they also have to offer items that are exclusive to the store. Unless the company only sells the products that they make, then this could actually be rather challenging. Fortunately for professionals, there is a website that has been launched by someone who is very experienced and skilled in the industry.

Kenneth Goodgame is the owner of the website which has been launched with the purpose of interaction among retail owners. They could share ideas and even read some of the advice that Goodgame releases on the site. They could learn a lot about how to bring in some unique products to sell. At the same time, they could also learn how to negotiate deals so that they can come up with something that will attract a lot of customers.

Among the things that people will learn is how to be creative with their promotions. This is one of the most important aspects of retail. A lot of people are going to be attracted to the company because of the promotions that are being run with company. This allows the retailers to enjoy even greater success. The only thing is that they have to make sure that the displays draw enough attention to themselves so that they will increase the likelihood of them making the sales. Kenneth Goodgame has the skills and the knowledge that is needed in order to take the retail industry to the next level.

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Jason Halpern is one of New York’s premiere real estate developers. Halpern comes from a real estate development company that has been constructing and managing properties for more than 50 years. The Halpern family has been responsible for building hundreds of residential facilities in New York City and Westchester County. Halpern has also built millions of square feet of commercial space in Westchester county. The Halpern family prides itself on the personal touch they provide each customer they work with. Halpern has completed projects totaling over $500 million since 2007.


Halpern’s specialty is building in historic districts. While many may have difficulty in building in historic districts, Jason Halpern succeeds in building in these areas because he is sensitive to the historically significant properties, in which he develops.


Along with being a top real estate developer, Jason Halpern gives a lot of his time to charity work within his community. Halpern has invested most of his time with the Joel A Halpern Trauma Center, center offering open-heart surgery services and offers care for burn victims and those with life-threatening injuries as well. Halpern has also launched charity initiatives, including one partnering with a global water non-profit group, dedicated to bringing clean, safe water to hundreds of Ethiopian and Nealese people. Halpern has recently spent time building homes for Habitat for Humanity and plans to continue take yearly trips to build houses.

Daniel de la Vega, Aviv Siso, Laura Garcia, Louis Buckworth, Jason Halpern, & Thomas Juul-Hansen

Daniel de la Vega, Aviv Siso, Laura Garcia, Louis Buckworth, Jason Halpern, & Thomas Juul-Hansen

Halpern took over the family real estate business in 2010 and have invested $500 million in New York based projects, including converting a warehouse into a luxury apartment complex. Jason Halpern also built several townhouses in the greater Brooklyn community. Halpern recently converted a Brooklyn cinema into luxury condos.


Halpern recently launched a project in South Florida, Halpern is constructing a luxury condominium near Miami Beach, with an expected opening March 2017. Jason Halpern is well versed in all aspects of development and construction process. Jason Halpern just recently reached a deal giving him the opportunity to convert the Wild Turkey bourbon warehouse in Pennsylvania into condos. Halpern is planning a hotel project on a site in Long Island City.


The Southern Methodist University Cox School of Business has appointed James Dondero to their Executive Board. As the president and co-founder of Dallas-based Highland Capital Management, Dondero is a recipient of the new talent that graduates from the Cox School of Business. He was eager and humbled for the opportunity to guide the school of business to success. The Executive Board of around 100 members meets three times each year to discuss strategies and procedures revolving around SMU’s school of business. Dondero has always been a long time supporter of SMU through his active donations and support. His own Highland Capital Management Tower Scholars supports professional and academic pursuits in the area of public policy. Dondero also personally supports the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum.

Dondero co-founded Highland Capital Management alongside his partner Mark Okada. Since its inception in 1993, Highland Capital Management has become a leading provider and developer of the Collateralized Loan Obligation market. As an SEC-registered investment adviser, Highland Capital Management manages approximately $16 billion in assets. They offer a long list of award-winning products and services in areas such as private equity funds, mutual funds, long-only funds and CLOs. Although Highland Capital Management is headquartered in Dallas, it also has offices in Sao Paolo, Seoul, New York and Singapore. Dondero also serves on the board for major companies such as MGM Studios and American Banknote.

Before beginning his successful career in the credit and financial markets, James Dondero attended the University of Virginia where he graduated with highest honors. He furthered his education double majoring in Financing and Accounting from the McIntire School of Commerce. In 1984, Dondero held his first professional position at the Morgan Guaranty training program as an analyst. This experience earned him a position as a Corporate Bonds Analyst for American Express. Eventually, Dondero was promoted to Portfolio Manager where he was in charge of $1 billion worth of assets. The GIV subsidiary of Protective Life hired James Dondero to help grow them from their inception. As Chief Investment Officer, Dondero built GIV from a small startup to a company worth over $2 billion in just 5 short years.

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Diversant is a firm that specializes in staffing information technology professionals for companies. The firm helps professionals in the technology field pursue the ideal career opportunity. As well as assisting technology professionals, Diversant also helps companies find and hire the ideal workers for their open positions in technology. By helping both of these parties, Diversant has been able to establish itself as a leader in the technology staffing industry. What makes Diversant unique are its core values of discipline, teamwork and diversity. The firm emphasizes teamwork and discipline to help achieve goals for the firm, technology professionals and the companies that they are working with. It also emphasizes diversity by helping professionals with various skills and experience levels as well as companies in a variety of industries.

Like all other organizations, Diversant has leadership that allows it to pursue its goals. The firm is led by John Goullet who is the principal. Goullet has been running this firm since the end of the 1990’s and has helped establish Diversant as one of the top firms in its industry. John introduced and developed the firm’s core values in order to put it in the best position to achieve its goals. Goullet believes that it is best to help professionals of varying backgrounds and companies of different industries. He also believes that his staff members need to work together on a regular basis to reach goals. John also believes that everyone must work towards a common goal on a regular basis until it is achieved. By adopting this philosophy, John Goullet has established himself as a top executive and entrepreneur in the technology industry.

Before John Goullet became the principal of Diversant, he worked as a consultant in the technology industry. John worked at numerous computing companies and would help them better manage their technology resources. Goullet would frequently provide advice to companies that were looking to operate their technology as well as what new technologies they should obtain in the near future. After working as an employee, John found out that many companies were desperate to hire top technology workers. As a result, he started up his own technology staffing firm in the mid 1990’s.

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Nationwide Title Clearing is located in Palm Harbor, Florida. Nationwide Title Clearing was founded in the early 1990s. Nationwide offers several post-closing services to their clients. The company offers research, audits and document processing to a wide range of clients. The company also employs over 100 employees. Nationwide Title Clearing is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing companies in the United States with the company generating over 100 million in annual revenue. Nationwide Title Clearing is climbing to the top of the leadership board so fast that they have decided to open an office in Dallas, Texas to expand to their business. The new office in Dallas, Texas has a data center. The data center will be fully secure as Nationwide Title Clearing’s Chief Information Security Officer Scotty McEntire will be in charge of security. There are 150 employees that are working in the new office in Dallas, Texas. Nationwide Title Clearing has won several awards for their excellent services. Nationwide Title Clearing is also offering training as a service option now for their clients. The service option is available for lenders, investors and mortgage providers. The training is a two-day program which are held in their offices located in Dallas, Texas and Palm Harbor, Florida. NTC is in the top 10 residential mortgage providers in the United States!

Nationwide Title Clearing has less than a 1 percent rejection rate on documents. Nationwide Title Clearing provides expert professionals who know what they are doing and they also are perfectionists which is why they have such a low rejection rate. The rejection rate percentage at NTC is one of the lowest in the United States. The training that NTC offers is so thorough that lenders, investors and mortgage providers will clearly understand what they are doing so they will make very minimal mistakes. Title defects are very common but with NTC, they will make sure that a title defect will not happen when you buy a piece of property. NTC has made it very easy to clear up these mistakes and this is why NTC is one of the fastest growing companies in the United States. Nationwide Title Clearing has recently updated their website making it easy for people to get property records online. The property records that NTC provides is very accurate. The property records have been pulled from several sources to increase the credibility and reliability. NTC makes sure to research on property records before posting it to their website for everyone to see. NTC makes sure that they know what the client is looking for before doing their research so that they can edit a property report with the correct data.

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There are many steps to the improvement of online reputation. The first step is assessing the reputation. This involves taking the time to find every mention which can be done with the right tools. Once he finds all of the mentions, then he determines the next step which should be reputation management. This is where things could get tricky. For one thing, there are a lot of different methods that people could use to either maintain or improve their reputation. There are also many platforms one could use in order to bring about a better reputation to his business for more success.

As suggests among the approaches that he could use for online reputation management are social media platforms and providing search engine optimized content. However, one of the best things that people could do is use a combination of methods to bring about a better reputation. For one thing, social media engagement can go hand in hand with search engine optimization. When one engages in social media with links to his site, then he is actually building his site up to rank at a higher level. That way, he could offer some good news to the customers in the case of bad news.

One thing that is important for people that have a bad report appear on the front page is that they have enough sources and results on the front page that the bad report leaves the front page of the search results. It only has to leave the front page because the majority of searchers do not make it past the front page of the search results. After all, the front page of the search results are considered the most relevant. Therefore, if the most relevant results are bad news, then this will cause the customer to shy away from the business.


Accreditation from the Better Business Bureau is a big deal. First, a company has to volunteer for the accreditation. Secondly, the company has to pay for the privilege of being audited by the BBB. And the Better Business Bureau takes these accreditation very seriously by taking these companies through an eight point checklist. Each accredited company must pass with flying colors concerning:

  • Build Trust
  • Advertise Honestly
  • Tell the Truth
  • Be Transparent
  • Honor Promises
  • Be Responsive
  • Safeguard Privacy
  • Embody Integrity


That’s why it was shocking to hear that a company like Securus Technologies paid for the privilege of being audited by the BBB. Securus is a technology company that services the law enforcement community and the criminal justice system. They are best known for their stellar phone services that they provide to prisons and jails across the country. These phone services include all sorts of telecommunications including video chats.



The shocking part is that companies like Securus do not have any competition. They enter a contract with a particular prison to provide telecommunication services for that particular facility. Once the contract is secure, the company is free to charge whatever they want and there’s really no need for good customer service. But this telecommunications company takes customer service very seriously.


One of the ways that they have shown a commitment to customer service is by opening the largest customer service call center in the industry. There are 220 seats inside the customer call center and the well-trained representatives are able to take over 2 million calls per month. The statistics on the call center are staggering. Calls are answered within 11 seconds on average and concerns are usually addressed during the first call. It is no wonder that the company has carried an A+ from the BBB for its entire existence.


Organo Gold is a company that was destined for success from the first time that they were introduced to the market. With the convenience that they offer, it was nearly impossible for them to fail with the products that they had and with the things that they did while they were part of the business.

It made sense that Bernardo Chua founded Organo Gold. As a huge supporter of health for everyone, he wanted to show people that they did not have to go to great lengths to be able to be healthy. They didn’t have to spend hours blending smoothing, making up supplements and finding the products that worked right for them.

Organo Gold promises that customers will be able to have the healthy herbs and minerals in the products that they already use. Things like coffee, tea and even soap have the herbs infused right into them so people only have to switch the products that they use, not add products to their routine.

The Organo Gold company is set up with a distributor style. The company has people who are able to sign up as distributors and who are able to sell the products to their own clients. They are able to essentially run their own business under the umbrella of Organo Gold that Bernardo Chua created for the people who sign up to be distributors. The top distributor in the company has earned over 1 million dollars in his time selling the ORgano Gold products.

It has made sense to Bernardo Chua to start a company like this. He wanted to make sure that everyone had a chance to get the products that made them healthy. The only thing that Chua wanted to do was to reach everyone on the planet. He is still working toward that goal with Organo Gold and plans to encourage even more people to sign up with the company. This will help it to be better than what it ever was and will give people the chance to truly see what the products are able to do for their own health.

White Shark Media is a boutique firm focusing on giving online marketing solutions to business across the world. Though it was founded only in 2011, it has already helped thousands of small and medium sized companies in achieving their goals through their innovative online marketing tactics. They have more than 500 active clients at point in time with a retention rate of almost 10%. This is a stupendous achievement considering the fact that most companies do not opt for online marketing consulting once they have achieved their goals

White Shark Media offers its clients a boutique of products. In the era of big data and analytics, having Google Analytics integration is a big plus. They also help clients keep track of their competitors by providing data on them through competitive intelligence studies. Also a part of the package is a propriety visualization software. Visualization software are of paramount importance as the clients might get lost in the plethora of data provided to them. Good visualizations presents the data in a ready to consume format. It comes a no surprise that the company has opened offices in three countries and has expanded to 150+ employees in such a short span of time.

However, the biggest shot in the arm for the company was when they were selected by Google to be a Google Ad-words Premium SMB Partner. White Shark Media is among only a total of 29 companies in the US which have been awarded with this distinction by Google. The accreditation talks highly of the relationship between White Shark Media and Google but also speaks volumes about the quality that the company provides to its clients as the selection process for the accreditation is very rigorous.

The second largest player in the search engine industry, Bing, has also accredited White Shark Media as authorized resellers of Bing ads.

Finally, since it is exclusively targeting small and medium scale businesses White Shark Media cannot and does not charge exorbitant prices to its clients. Engagement with such a firm is in fact more of a profit center than cost center as most small companies just invest blindly in Adwords without knowing how well they are spending their money and firms like White Shark Media can help them monetize their dollars spent on Adwords.

So many men and women put their hair through so many harsh and unreliable products trying to get a great looking style. Along with the environment, the weather, and the harsh styling products and tools used on hair, it’s no wonder the hair and shaft get damaged.

Many people tell you that your hair needs a professional to make it look better. But that’s not always the case since there are products out on the market to enhance and make hair stronger and healthier. It’s just a matter of finding the right product on eBay. One of the ways to treat your hair as if it is made of gold is by using a product that will enhance, strengthen and cleanse the hair without harsh products. Many people don’t realize that Sodium Laural Sulfate, which is in almost every single bottle, can do more damage than good as it strips away nutrients with its harshness.

Unfortunately, most conditioners will not enhance the hair or feed it like it needs to be fed. But there is a product that will. WEN hair, by Chaz Dean, a popular stylist for the stars, spent a lot of time creating his own product over twenty years ago that is still popular all over the world. The reason why? Because it works.

WEN strengthens the hair because it doesn’t have the Sodium Laural Sulfate or any other sulfates that will strip the hair of all the natural oils. This lather-free product actually cleanses without lather, using instead cleansers like natural herbs and extracts.

These natural botanical soothe and heal the hair, not strip the shaft, making a brittle mess. Even in studies conducted by users of WEN hair products, they found the hair became shinier, less brittle and more manageable faster. Using a great product like WEN is the simple answer to strengthening hair. Visit the brand’s Wikipedia page to learn more.