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FTBC (Fashion Targets Breast Cancer) is all about breast cancer awareness and is partnering with Kate Hudson to make sure that more people become aware of breast cancer. Although most people know a person who has been affected by breast cancer, some people don’t, which is why additional awareness is necessary on. Kate Hudson has chosen to partner with the FTBC by creating clothing that will be sold in a direct effort to raise funds for the company. FTCC was a project that was created by Ralph Lauren in the late 90s, and it’s become very successful in the years following its creation.

Fashion creators of Fabletics, as well as those that sell fashionable clothes, will join with FTBC in order to create clothing or to help bring awareness to the breast cancer cause. Kate has put together a great three-piece set that is pink in color and has a sports bra, a tank top, and Capri pants, which all will be sold in a set to bring additional monies in that will support the FTBC foundation. Since pink is the color that’s always used to bring awareness to breast cancer, Kate is sticking to the pink color but is making it slightly deeper and off-color, compared to the typical pink color that’s used with most clothing or products for breast cancer awareness.

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Those who want to purchase the three-piece set can find it in the Fabletics store or in the online store, or they may choose to buy the products in one of the events that Kate will be hosting specifically for the FTBC foundation. Fabletics has been around for over three years now and has grown so much in popularity that they’ve zoomed passed the one million member mark. No one is required to be a member to purchase anything from Fabletics, but those who have become members will enjoy low priced products and many savings as well as rewards. Anyone who is a member must pay a monthly membership fee of $49.95, but the membership fee is spendable and is not held onto by Fabletics.

Those who want to spend their membership fee in the store can purchase anything that’s within the $49.95 price range, or add additional monies to cover a purchase of anything that goes over the membership fee price. Many enjoy the Fabletics company, especially since they have different clothing added to the site on a regular basis. Fabletics has also recently opened up several stores to allow their customers to shop in a physical store as opposed to only shopping online. Those who continue to shop with Fabletics can find some of the best athletic wear for a lot less than Fabletics’ competitors are charging.

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Doe Deere, the founder of Lime Crime, believes that every individual should make their own dreams become a reality. While she has spent her life pursuing her dreams and experiencing a great deal of success, she points out the fact that every individual has whatever it takes to find their own dreams and see them through. She also wants everyone to understand that each person has their own path, something they are passionate about that makes them feel more alive inside. She spends almost as much time serving as something of a messenger to help people understand and then pursue whatever it is that makes them happy as she does selling cosmetics. In that particular sense, she has become a person that many people look up to, even those who aren’t necessarily interested in fashion and cosmetics. This is because she has an innate understanding when it comes to things like encouraging people to follow their own dreams and refuse to give up until those dreams come to fruition.

In order to understand how Doe Deere is so capable of understanding these types of complex thoughts at such a young age, it is imperative to gain a better understanding of her history. Growing up in Russia until she was 17 years old, Deere moved to New York City with the dream of becoming a professional musician. This might be a dream that a fairly large number of people have, but there is an especially small group of individuals that actually make it a reality and Deere was one of those individuals. She started playing in a band, got married and eventually moved to Los Angeles. While pursuing her dream of becoming a musician, she started making cosmetics because she couldn’t find the colors that she wanted over the counter. Sooner or later, people started asking where she was getting those cosmetics and when she told him that she made them herself, she had a ready-made company with a profit margin that was already built in, as many people were already demonstrating a great deal of interest in buying these products before they were even available for sale.

She points out that she never gave up on a dream. In the pursuit of one dream, she actually found one that was even more important to her and fulfilled her in every way possible. Through interviews, she has expressed the understanding that each person has something special inside of them that makes them unique. Most people find out what that something is when they stumble upon something, either intentionally or otherwise, that makes them feel a great deal of passion and pride for what they do. She encourages people to hang onto it when they do find that special something and to pursue it with everything they have inside of them. She readily speaks about the happiness that most people feel when they are involved in something that makes them feel like life is truly worth living each and every day. In that way, she serves as a role model for every person that has something to achieve and she is living proof that it can be done.

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ClassDojo recently received funding for 21 million dollars regarding its app that is utilized in schools as a communication platform between teachers, parents, and students. The ClassDojo app has been widely received as a choice for communication purposes in schools across the country. Currently over 80,000 schools use the ClassDojo app for a variety of purposes related to school activities.


One of the major uses of the ClassDojo app is the feature that allows teachers and parents to communicate on a regular basis concerning students. This communication can be done whenever desired through the use of the ClassDojo app. The communication can be done daily, weekly, or any other time period. Many teachers and parents are using the ClassDojo app for communication to keep up-to-date concerning students.


Before technology such as the ClassDojo app that provides a communication platform for schools to utilize concerning teachers and parents, the only significant way that teachers and parents communicated was through the traditional teacher and parent student conference.


This conference was held at a specific time period and was usually conducted only a few times per school year. The conference was a face-to-face physical conference that teachers had to schedule for each parent. The ClassDojo app is an alternative to the traditional face-to-face teacher and parent student conference. The technology behind the ClassDojo app provides users with many features and functions that can be utilized for school purposes.


The ClassDojo app is used in over 80,000 schools across the country. The communication platform that the ClassDojo app provides for schools has made a positive impact in many communication areas for schools. In addition, the ClassDojo app has many uses in schools. The app can be used to create and send photos. The app can be used to send messages and upload school related documents for others to view. The app can be used to take and send videos along with a variety of other tasks.


ClassDojo has plans to use the 21 million dollars received in funding concerning the app for several purposes related to the app. The money will be used to enhance various aspects of the app such as the communication platform, adding new features, and allowing more schools to use the app for educational purposes.


Technology has become an important part of schools. Technology is used in almost every aspect of school operations. The use of technology such as the ClassDojo app will allow schools to communicate in ways that were not possible a few decades ago.

As the digital world changes around us our reliance and assumption of service is going to change. FreedomPop is harnessing that changing world to bring to the forefront of the public image a product that offers everything you want with nothing else. FreedomPop is a freemium phone company that is focusing on putting control back into the hands of consumers, opting to instead offer a digital buffet of products rather than a lump sum of unnecessary purchases. We’ll look at what FreedomPop offers and why they might just be the right company for you.

Essentially what CEO Stephen Stokols is offering to customers is a product that never needs to be paid for. The core of what FreedomPop is will continue to be and always has been: free. FreedomPop offers customers a SIM card only option, if they so choose it, which supplies them with a limited amount of talk, text, and data. As long as you are comfortable with your limited amount you will never be asked to or forced into purchasing any upgrades. That’s it; you’re done — a free mobile phone carrier. However, if you want to see what else FreedomPop has to offer then keep on reading.

FreedomPop is focused on putting forth products and digital upgrades that will help customers without implying that they need them. An example of one of these products is the FreedomPop Supernova 655. This product works as a mobile hotspot that can be used to help take advantage of the FreedomPop internet offer. This little device is small, light, and possesses an amazing battery so that you are able to take advantage of the internet wherever you are. Aside from this piece of hardware, FreedomPop also has pushed an extensive library of digital add ons. Whether you want unlimited talk/text or simply bonus data usage, there is a line out there for you to take advantage of.

In a world where we can customize and tailor make everything to our needs, our mobile carrier should be no different. This review of FreedomPop is meant to showcase exactly what is so strong about the carrier: choice and affordability.

The internet has changed the way your reputation can change and the speed at which it happens. Prior to the current prominence of the internet the reputation of a business generally came from the perceptions its customers formed and what customers said about that company. With the advent of review websites like and apps like Yelp and people who have never used the services of your company can comment on your company and quickly affect the reputation of your company.To protect your company you’re going to have to control your online reputation and keep an eye of attempts to tarnish your reputation.

Keep Track Of Everything

The most important step to take when trying to defend your online reputation is to keep track of every mention of your name online. If someone is mentioning your name in a blog or in a tweet you will want to keep an eye on that. Damage to your company’s reputation can come from just about anywhere. Perhaps someone writes an exaggerated review using an app to help customers chose the right restaurant. It’s up to you to correct the trolls and prevent them from harming your reputation.

Keep An Online Presence

The best way to improve your online reputation is to counter trolling with your own online presence. This presence should in a form that your potential customers will understand, such as a blog or twitter account. Use your social media to deliver a positive message about your company and promote testimonies from satisfied customers. While you can’t always chase down and discredit every troll on the internet, you can give make sure you message overpowers them.



Focus On The Important Things

Online reputation management should focus on the most important bad press your company is getting. A bad review posted on a highly trafficked blog is going to cause much more harm than any random troll on Youtube. It isn’t economic or practical to try to branch out your presence to everywhere possible on the internet. If you have a food catering business, then the focus of your reputation management should be on websites with dining reviews. Focusing on putting a positive presence in instagram is not going to help you much.



White Shark Media provides PPC, SEO, and web services to medium sized and small sized businesses. White Shark is an AdWords Management firm offering efficient search engine services. From the clients’ reviews, White Shark Media has closely worked with many small business owners to increase clientele through successful advertising. Thousands of small business owners trust White Shark Media. According to Google News on August 18th, 2016, White Shark Media was listed as the fastest growing company on the Inc 5000 list on Yahoo Finance.


White Shark Media helped Lakeland Experts in Florida to succeed in Google AdWords through PPC Management Services. Since the opening of Lakeland Smile Experts, the company has received over $1.5 million sales. From communication, responsiveness, quality of service and value for money, White Shark Media has a notably higher performance in service delivery.


White Shark Media and Google AdWords

Google partnered up with White Shark Media through the Google AdWords Premier to form a partner program which includes hand-picked agencies. The company meets Google’s eligibility and training requirements hence the high-quality service delivery to clients. The Google AdWords Premier program was formed with the aim of assisting small resourced businesses in campaign management advertisement. White Shark Media offers experience, expertise, and end-to-end customer service to allow business owners to focus on operating their businesses.


New Client’s Reviews

White Shark has been acknowledged as one of the fastest developing Digital Marketing Agency with fast online marketing solutions in North America. Its growth is generated from the good reputation of engineering cost effective Search Marketing campaigns. Also, White Shark Media provides an incredible world class experience in customer service.


Upon signing up new clients, Mr. Micah Longo from Longo Firm confirms that White Shark Media has saved his firm over $10 per month. According to Nikitas Tsoukalis, a Key Credit Repair company worker, the firm has never experienced such development in leads and conversions to sales as compared to after joining White Shark Media.


The History of White Shark Media

Established in 2011 by three Danish entrepreneurs, White Shark Media has a professional team with sufficient online and offline marketing experience. The primary objective of White Shark Media was to conquer the developing SMB market in Latin America and the US by providing unexpected high-quality services and products. After three years of consistent growth with over 150 employees across three countries, White Shark Media offers AdWords Search, Google Analytics, Bing Ads and Display Advertising services. White Sharks’ fast growth was discovered by Google in 2012 after which an active collaboration followed.