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Many people use the Internet to search for information on how to invest their money, manage their money or grow their existing portfolio. Both institutions and individual investors have a need for financial services, money management and investment solutions.

If you are in search of good investment advice or a way to profit from your investment, you need to get in touch with Martin Lustgarten. There is a lot of resources out there for investors but not all them have the quality or reliability to ensure your success.

You are putting your money into the hands of the investment banker you choose. Mutual trust is critical in investment matters. The investment banker must trust that the client will be open, honest and forthright about his or her goals. As a client, you must be able to have trust in your investment banking advisor to wisely manage and protect your interest and to render the valuable advice you need.

When it comes to getting trusted investment banking advice, look no further than Martin Lustgarten – a top rated and respected investment banker. It is always advisable to choose an advisor based on important factors such as reputation and experience. With so many professionals out there you need to be sure you are dealing with a reliable one.

Martin Lustgarten is founder and CEO of Martin Lustgarten Investment Banking Firm. Martin is a highly successful investor and leading expert in the industry. He has been rendering outstanding services for many years and is well known for ensuring complete satisfaction. Many of his clients have achieved great success and reached their investment goal through his expert guidance.

Martin Lustgarten is very knowledgeable and well versed in investment banking. He is highly regarded by his peers due to his top performance in the field. Numerous articles have been written about Martin Lustgarten and his competence when it comes to assisting and advising clients on investment related issues. With Martin Lustgarten and high highly qualified team of professionals on your side, you can be confident that your investment will be produce a huge return.

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Securus Technologies is a world leader in offering the best services to ensure criminal and civil justice in the society. The company specializes in the fields of; Information Technology, Telecommunications, Data Analytics, and Call Management. Its services are all through North America and impacts on the lives of more than a million inmates. Securus also employs at least a thousand people.

Securus Technologies recently communicated its decision to make findings made by Louisiana Public Service Commission about improper business practices committed by Global Tel Links Public. GTL, as the company is abbreviated, was found to have handled its business poorly and illegally obtained money from its clients. The declaration by Securus Technologies is aimed at compelling companies in their industry to conduct transactions according to the allowed jurisdiction.
During the press briefing, the CEO at Securus Technologies said that the company would have released all the findings by Louisiana PSC in a period of about six months. He also gave his opinion on the matter, claiming that it was wrong for a company to exploit its users for monetary gains. Every company should strive to conduct its activities with the aim of serving the customers properly.
The premier of a series of reports to be released was Order No. U-20784-B. According to PR Newswire, the article contains seventeen pages stating some of the wrongdoings that GTL have been found to have committed. GTL is a company that is responsible for offering outgoing calls to inmates in several correctional facilities. While carrying out their mandate, GTL decided to employ some illegal tactics to gain more.
In the document released, GTL was responsible for wrongs such as; an Illegitimate addition of seconds to the allocated call time for inmates, increasing rates for calls to the users and also changing the tariffs, Billing one calls several times, among other malpractices. All these actions by Global were just for making profits from the unknowing users. The activities were discovered to have cost the American taxpayers money more than $1,243,000.
In his briefing, Richard Smith was on record saying that it was not of relevance that the irregularities happened over a decade ago. The important thing was letting the public know and hold those who involved responsible. He referred to actions that aim at extorting the people you are required to serve as a ‘cancer’ in the industry.
Securus recently received an endorsement from Better Business Bureau (BBB). It also was awarded a rating of A+ for their excellent business practices. The accreditation came up because Securus Technologies qualified in every aspect of the firm that was required. Securus met some of these standards; Operating transparently, establishing trust with its clients, responding well to issues raised by customers and also selling their policies with honesty.

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Children’s brains are like sponges. They soak up all incoming information and their brain’s are capable of developing abilities at a young age. No one has ever thought to teach a child this, at least not in a formalized way because it just is, like how the sky is just blue. However, according to psychology Professor Carol Dweck’s research, informing kids of their brain’s incredible capabilities, will actually encourage them “to approach learning as a challenge they are ready to face”(Schwartz); which will change students perceptions of themselves as learners, something known as growth mindset.

ClassDojo has teamed up with Standford’s Project for Education Research That Scales Center (PERTS)to create a communication platform in which teachers share videos, texts, and photos of their student’s skills and accomplishments with parents. In order to communicate the message of growth mindset to their students, ClassDojo has put together five videos that will impart the message in an interesting and engaging way for children. Not only are the videos offered to teachers, but they are offered to the public for free, so even parents have accessibility to them. This will empower parents and teachers to take an active role in implementing this ground-up change of teaching.

As well as helping students, ClassDojo hopes to gain knowledge from studying the way in which teachers already initiate this message in their teaching practices and how effective the changes are when the five videos are thrown into the mix. It is not only a learning opportunity for students, but an opportunity to research the empowerment of growth mindset further. ClassDojo will gain important knowledge on the way in which children learn.

ClassDojo was founded in 2011 and is a communication platform that fosters positive relationships within the community between teachers, parents, and students alike. It is used to build specific positive behavior in students by allowing teachers to communicate with students and parents daily through an app. The fact that 2/3 of all U.S. schools and teachers in 180 countries use ClassDojo is a testament to how effective their method really is.

ClassDojo is based in San Francisco and its executive director is Dave Paunesku. The team consists of engineers, designers, and educators around the world, some of who have worked with sites like Facebook and Google as well as in charter and public schools.


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On the hunt for the perfect hair product, one young woman sets out to experiment with a highly popular brand called Wen hair. Created and used daily by Chaz Dean, a celebrity hairstylist, the products are known among only the biggest Hollywood stars and used worldwide. Chaz Dean invented a formula designed to decrease the amount of time it takes to prep and style your hair. Instead of a product for each specific use, he made a product that includes shampoo, conditioner and styling treatment in one bottle, and called it Wen hair cleansing conditoner. Pretty amazing, right? Well this woman decides to try it out for a week and record her results.

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The woman writing the article makes sure to note that her hair is very thin and that she is hoping for a more volumized result. In just one weeks time, you can see a world of difference, believe it or not. Though she struggled with using the sephora fig version of product in the morning at first (she normally washes at night but wen is not meant to be slept on, for it can cause greasy roots), she thoroughly enjoyed the notice she got from her peers. Her hair was bouncy, shiny and softer than ever before. This is definitely a routine she got used to and enjoyed seeing the vast difference from before and after using Wen hair cleansing conditioner.