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The business of dog food in America is booming and it’s changing the paradigm. Gone are the days of soggy and over-processed chunks of leftover meat. Today’s premium dog food keeps up with the latest facebook trends like Paleo Diets and gluten-free dessert. Already a 23.7 billion dollar industry, dog food continues to grow. Premium dog food, the trendy thoughtful food for man’s best friend, has climbed 37% to reach 103 million in sales according to a source material from Of all of these companies no company has dominated the market more than Beneful.

Purinastore’s Beneful dog food brand ( stands out from the pack for many reasons. It’s ingredients tend to be fresh and it always has the nutrition that canines are in need of. While other dog brands tend to skimp on portions, no dog goes hungry with Beneful. Canine obesity, the excessive accumulation of fat in dogs, isn’t any issue either as Beneful tends to be low in fat. The same can’t always be said about other brands of dog food.
In today’s health-conscious America we tend to take our diet very seriously. We cut out junk food, processed food, gluten, and anything else that might endanger our bodies. For many of the same reasons, Beneful has also improved it’s dog food. Only the freshest organic meat and vegetables are allowed into Beneful dog food. Going the extra mile in it’s pursuit of the healthiest nutrition it can offer Beneful actually conducts thorough and cautious research on every product before it is released on Wal-Mart groceries, No expense is spared and making it’s food safe and healthful.


White Shark Media, the marketing consultancy was founded in 2011 by three Danish entrepreneurs with each of them having vast experience in the domain of online and offline Marketing. Their goal was to deliver services and products that were unprecedented.

Today after more than 5 years of growth, the firm has been expanding to the three countries and other international countries with their excellence in the domain of Bing Ads, Google Analytics, AdWords Search and Display Advertising. After collaboration with Google, the firm was awarded the Google AdWords Premier SMB Partnership.

Complaints against White Shark Media

Clutch As per the Spokesperson at White Shark Media, it takes some time for a Start-up to deliver its services with minimal errors. All the complaints and compliments against White Shark Media are taken seriously and with influence the growth of error resistant measures.

According to the White Shark Media, the complaints regarding their inadequate services, an absence of contact person, non-delivery of service on-time, campaigns failures, were all involved. As per a complaint filed by the anonymous person, it was reported that the firm priory didnÕt have transparent communication between the client and the contact person.

The complaints were taken seriously and now they have deployed direct extensions system which will connect the client directly to the concerned person. On Shopify article posited that the other regarding the New campaign failure where the client had a successful old campaign was taken into consideration and now to resolve this issue, White Shark Media uses all the successful campaigns of clients clubbed with their respective former campaigns meaning which the client would see an inclination on the paradigm shift for sales and revenue generation.

To resolve the issue of bad communication, the firm has incorporated GoToMeeting tool in the plan which takes place every month and discusses the past 30 days reports and reviewed by the SEM Strategist and the Client for transparent and effective working plan. Acting on a complaint against the AdWords Performance, the firm has introduced call tracking where each of the clients is provided with Marchex Call tracking number on sign up.

The Future of White Shark Media

Effectively resolving each complaint garner effective strategy for all its clients. Setting up an error resistant campaign takes time and so it the firm to build its error free reputation. While resolving a plethora of complaints, the firm has launched series of features to enhance productivity and boost sales. Being a small growing Marketing Agency, White Shark Media helps the clients by enhancing SMB’s business online.


The economic collapse of 2008 was pretty intense because people did not see it coming. Only a few people were able to see it coming, and George Soros is one of these people. George Soros remembers how tense the situation was in 2008, and he can see a lot of the same things happening in the world today. He is not saying that it will be exactly, but he wishes that people around the world on would see that there is a problem.

The things that George Soros sees are pretty obvious to him, but he knows that people do not always remember the bad times. He saw all the things that happened back then, and he sees those same things happening now. There are some things that people are going to be able to use to remember how they can change their fortunes. There are some other things that are going on in the world, and most people need to start looking at China to see how their economy is going to go.

There are some people who do not realize that the yuan in China on is having a problem, and they need to see if they are going to watch to see if China is going to be able to see if the country is going to be able to turn around. The way that people trade on something like the yuan is going to change the way that they are investing. China is trying to stop a drain on the yuan, and they are trying to make sure that they can keep growing. George Soros is looking at things that are going to cause people to lose money, and part of the debt in Europe.

Debt in Europe is a major problem because every European has been lagging in how they deal with these problems. Every country that is planning to make their country stronger needs to get on top of their debt, and George Soros has been talking about European debt since the problems in Greece nearly bankrupted a whole country. The biggest issue in the world is that markets are slowly slipping. Debt and other issues are going to make it hard for people to invest with any real confidence if they are not watching the markets.

It is not exactly like 2008, but it is something that people need to remember that it could get bad at any time. The people that are trying to make sure that they are going to invest well have to follow the advice they are getting from George Soros. George Soros saw all the signs because the fall of the world economy the last time, and he is seeing the signs now. People who are watching these signs can avoid them, and people will be able to use their knowledge of the economy to make sure that they are investing the right. Every investor can do their part like George Soros, and they will help keep the world economy in better shape.

Survival in the industry is very crucial for every business. It takes an established tradition to guarantee the longevity of any business entity. This tradition ought to be laid down and strictly adhered to by everyone who has a stake in the running of the organization. Laidlaw and Company has been in the financial services business for over 170 years. This permanence continues to baffle many people since the sector itself is volatile hard to navigate.

The Underlying Factors behind the Durability

Laidlaw has distinguished itself from its competitors by offering services that are relationship oriented. Its customers can count on receiving the best advice about the most profitable investment opportunities. Personalized services that according to have made it the preferred destination as far as investment banking is concerned. This has been crucial in the retention of customers and its perpetuation in business for a sustained period.

Services offered by the bank are also flexible, which gives room for clients to make their input whenever they seek its service. The bank helps its clients raise capital for various projects they wish to undertake. In addition, it manages large scale projects being undertaken by customers. By carrying out extensive market research, it gives clients information about gaps in the markets, which need to be filled.

Shrewd management has also been behind the permanency of Laidlaw & Company according to the SEC. Since its inception, it has been led by experienced industry gurus. This has been crucial in making fruitful partnerships that have been of great benefit. Prudent administration has also ensured extensive partnerships with investors spread across Europe and North America. Its ability to provide proficient and rapt services to each client has marked it out as the go-to investment bank. To enhance customer satisfaction, the institution ensures that there is swift communication so that any arising issues can be discussed without any lags. All these have played a crucial role in the continued success of Laidlaw


On a recent segment of The Intelligent Report with Trish Regan featured on Fox News there was an exclusive interview of Thor Halvorssen, founder and CEO of the Human Rights Foundation. Regan interviewed Halvorssen to get his perspective on why Socialism is a violation of basic human rights.

Halvorssen has dealt with socialism personally. The socialist country of Venezuela has caused severe trauma and harm to him and his family. While under the Hugo Chavez regime, his father was imprisoned and his mother was shot. Currently, his cousin is imprisoned in Venezuela, so Halvorssen is no stranger to how a socialist goverment will parade around in a deceiving way saying they will help the people but in actuality they will be robbing them right from under their noses.

He believes that socialism cannot be enforced correctly unless paired with democracy. Referencing Northern Europe’s countries like Sweden and Denmark, Halvorssen shows Regan that it is possible but that we should all be wary of socialism under an authoritarian rule. This type of government paired with socialism will destroy the United States economy. In Venezuela, the government sets the price of items and that is the price they stay at. This was one of the many examples Halvorssen said showed how a socialist government could be destructive.

Thor Halvorssen reiterates throughout his interview with Regan that socialist policies can be done correctly and for the benefit of the people but that there must be a firm separation of powers. The government must not be allowed to take control because then the socialist policies could do so much irreversible damage. Halvorssen believes that with a pairing of a democratic government and socialist policies then the United States would prosper like the Northern European countries mentioned earlier.

If socialistic policies or even a socialist government is the only thing in power then the government has the power to take control of our personal property or whatever they please and this is what Halvorssen calls a “mask”. The government is not thinking of the people and putting them first, they are only looking to rob the country for all it’s worth.

Many homeless stray animals are sadly living in the New York City area shelters, and they all need money to help the shelters buy food, blankets, and medicines. One champion of these poor homeless animals is New York City lawyer Ross Abelow, who has started a GoFundMe campaign to raise at least $5,000.

The money will be used to pay for vaccines, as well as the above items at New York animal shelters. Abelow is doing this as part of his commitment to his community. He is a law partner at Abelow and Cassandro LLP, specializing in Family law cases and entertainment law cases.

Abelow Certified to Fight Cases in New York City Courts

He is certified and licensed to operate in New York after graduating from law school and passing the required tests and other evaluations for the state of New York. He will be happy to set up a consultation with you to talk about your legal case if you need a lawyer in the New York area that helps clients with family law or entertainment issues.

Abelow’s firm is ready to help any client in these areas to fight their cases in court as he has all the skills and experience needed to help them win their case. And just like helping his law clients win, this GoFundMe campaign will help the New York City stray and homeless animals win and help them survive the cold winter and the rest of the year.

GoFundMe Campaign Fights for New York City Stray Animals

The New York shelters need these funds to provide more space for all the hundreds of stray dogs and cats in the area, and even if you can only give a few dollars, it is bound to help them out greatly. You can find out more about this campaign at

The bottom line is that Ross Abelow cares about not only his law customers, but he is also an animal lover who wants to provide care and assistance to New York City’s stray and homeless dogs and cats via this GoFundMe campaign. So, if you are an animal lover and don’t want the animals in New York City to go hungry, or without medications and vaccines, or be cold in the winter, then go to this GoFundMe page and donate what you can. Every dollar helps the animals!

Skout is the app that you may not know much about right now, but it is going to get the attention of more people as the app gains more momentum. More than a millions people have already signed up for the app. It is simple to use, and this is another thing that attracts even more users.

What a ton of people have managed to do is find an alternative website with Skout. It isn’t Facebook, but there are certainly some elements here that are shared with the Facebook crowd. It isn’t Google Plus, but people that use Google Plus can see some similarities with this site. There are some elements of eHarmony that people can find on Skout, but this obviously is not just a site for dating. It is not just one type of site. It is a variety of different websites, and that is what makes it a wonderful place for people to meet and have conversations about anything that they are interested in.

Skout certainly has transformed the way that people interact, and most people will agree that this is the site for people that are just starting out with social media. They don’t have to waste a lot of time bouncing from one social media site to the next. They can simply try out the Skout app and find all that they are looking for and more.

There is a certain crowd that tends to dominate the app even though it is for people of all ages. The college crowd uses this app heavily because it is so awesome for Spring Break and general college kid outings. There is never going to be a time where you are a complete stranger to a new city. With Skout you can make friends through the app as you travel, and this gives you the ability to enjoy every city you visit even more.

All of those people that do not have money for traveling will find themselves intrigued with the Skout Travel feature. There are a slew of people that are stumbling upon this fascinating Skout feature.

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