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Recently the US Money Reserve decided to open on the reasons why the penny was eliminated from the currency. Before we go into that, it is wise if we first understand the position of the US Money Reserve in all this. The US Money Reserve was founded in 2001. Currently, it is among largest private distributors of gold, silver and platinum products from the U.S government. It has one of the biggest clients bases in the whole of United States. They offer a variety of products ranging from assets that are made of precious metals like in the case of U.S. gold and silver coins. U.S. On board, it has highly qualified staff that are equipped with extensive market knowledge in the highly profitable precious metals market. This firm is famed for it superior customer service that keeps its customers coming back for more. The headquarters of this found in Austin, Texas.

Philip Diehl, the current president of U.S. Money Reserve, took the stage on CNBC morning show to discuss why the penny is being eliminated from the economy. The main reason he gives is that after analysis the penny use has gone under the cost of running it on the market. Thus maintaining it is uneconomical. He claims that nobody still uses the penny, and most people find it discouraging to carry around. Many economists think that this move will affect prices of commodities and bring about inflation. According to Diehl, this is not true as the bigger part of the economy that is 75% relies on the electronic transaction. This leaves on 25% of transactions on the cash grid, this is not enough to cause inflation. He even speculates that prices would even come down as manufacturers try to extend a hand good relation to their customers.

Competition is also a checker here, and most manufacturers won’t dare to increase their prices if one does customers may turn to competitors who lower their price. Some claim that instead of eliminating the penny the composition of metals would been change to cheaper metals. Instead of the expensive nickel, a copper-nickel mix, which is cheaper could still be able to maintain a profitable penny. Diehl claims that this move to eliminate the penny will save taxpayers around $105 million annually which is a win for he economy. He encourages consumers to embrace this move as it has more advantages to them and the economy in general.


Both Brazilian doctors and international doctors believe that there is a connection between the Zika virus and microcephaly, a birth defect though actual cause relationship has not yet been proved. According to Dr. Sergio, it has been discovered that other than dengue the Ades Aegypti mosquito is responsible for the Zika and Chikungunya viruses.

Zika virus arrived in Latin America on 2015, but Brazil has already reported a half a million cases, it has also spread to more than a dozen countries. The U.S centre for disease control and prevention has warned pregnant women against travelling to a country like Brazil where the virus is prevalent.

Arthur is two and half month old and was born with microcephaly. His mother Lima caught the mosquito related virus while she was pregnant. Initially, her doctor told her there was nothing to worry about, however through her prenatal checkup, it was discovered that the fetus had major problems. As a result, Author was born with a small head that looks as if it had been pressed by a vice at the top. This is typical of microcephaly that causes brain damage and affects mental and physical development aspects. Most children with this condition have a life expectancy of 10 years though some have lived up to 30s.

Lima feels that affected families and children have been abandoned by the state, and that spread of Zika has been contributed by authorities negligent in eradication efforts. She also points out doctors don’t understand the situation too. To control the situation Brazil has increased funding for research of Zika vaccine also using drones to track mosquito breeding site in addition to providing manpower to eradicate the virus carrier mosquito.

To understand the disease, Dr. Sergio Cortes has addressed important issues, which are often subjected to doubts by many people. They include streaming, symptom and diagnosis, treatment, recommendations for pregnant women, the actual situation in Brazil, and how to prevent the virus spread. To get important updates concerning the disease you can follow Dr. Sergio Cortes on Twitter and LinkedIn on and respectively

The virus is not contagious, thus, cannot be transmitted from one person to another. However, Dr. Sergio Cortes, highlight that when a mosquito which is not infected by Zika bite infected person the mosquito can be contaminated hence begin to transmit the virus. This can result in a chain reaction that’s hard to control.

According to Dr. Sergio Cortes, Zika virus infection varies from person to person, but the most common are usually muscle aches, fever, and rash. The symptoms are usually not aggressive and last from 3 to 7 days before they disappear without medication. It is advised that it is best to see a doctor even if symptoms of suspected Zika virus are not intense or strong.

There is no specific treatment for curing Zika virus infection, thus, treatment is symptomatic, aiming at relieving the symptom presented. Infected people can use painkillers, and anti-inflammatory drugs under doctor prescription. Besides, Dr. Sergio points out on noticias that medicine for chikungunya fever and dengue fever contain acetylsalicylic acid, commonly known as aspirin. They should be avoided due to anticoagulant effects to patients.

With the confirmation on of the relationship between Zika virus and microcephaly, it can be considered that Brazil is experiencing an epidemic of Zika virus. However, Dr. Sergio confirms that the Ministry of Health and WHO are currently working to find out more about the disease.

The main and the most valid method of preventing the Zika, dengue and chikungunya virus transmission is to avoid standing water even in small objects since they form the breeding ground for mosquitoes, recalls Dr. Sergio Cortes. Also, installing mosquito nets and using protective screens on windows are few more effective measures that can reduce Zika infection.

TOWN Residential is a NYC luxury real estate development firm in New York City, and they publish their quarterly findings in The Aggregate. The fourth quarter numbers for the New York market were first reported by Virtual Strategy Marketing, and these numbers show that New York ended the year on a very high note. This article recalls those figures as TOWN Residential looks to the future, and the numbers show that the New York market has finally found some stability.

#1: Constant Increases

Constant increases in prices in the New York City market have taken up millions of dollars in investor money, and there are many sellers who have pocketed considerable cash because the growing market. TOWN Residential recently showed that the New York real estate market is reaching a plateau after nearly a year of consistent growth. The numbers indicate that buyers and sellers are finally in a flattening market.

#2: Buyers Finally Have More Leverage

Buyers have leverage in the market due to prices that have reached their peak. Sellers will make quite a bit of money on their sales, but buyers will not have a fear of paying too much if they wait even a moment to make a purchase. Waiting for a contract was once a good way of losing a lot of money, but buyers today will pay high prices without losing cash for waiting a day or two to make a decision.

The Aggregate’s new issue shows that TOWN Residential has thoroughly studied the real estate market in the city. The 2015 fiscal year ended well, but the numbers are starting to flatten out in 2016. Everyone who is selling in New York City will make money on their property, but buyers will not lose due to constantly rising prices. New York is healthy going into 2016.

Securus Technologies is best known for their inmate communication technology and security services that are most often used in correctional facilities. For the vast majorities of prisons and jails out there, they are using some type of Securus system. This system enables inmates to have secure video visitations and for corrections officers to have a safe and secure place to work with their fellow guards. Recently, the entire Securus system was revamped to be even better than before. This new version has been streamlined to include a variety of features that it once lacked, allowing corrections facilities to make even better use of it for themselves. Register for the product here:

The fact that Securus is one of the top inmate communication security systems being used in correctional facilities, it is no wonder that it is continually getting better with time. In fact, the system works well for both inmate and guard alike. For one, the system can make visitations with loved ones easier for the inmate, allowing them to talk to just about anyone who is visiting them at the jail or prison where they happen to be. Next, the system is designed to pick up on any suspicious behaviors or language that the system might not recognize as something that is beneficial to the inmate in general.

The reason so many correctional facilities are using the Securus system is because of the fact that it keeps everyone safe, both the people working in the prison as well as the other inmates. The system has been backed by a lot of science, research and technology to be one of the top out there. In fact, you might notice that the vast majority of facilities are currently using the system for their own needs. They have even upgraded to the latest version, making it even easier to get what they need out of it.

There are so many benefits and advantages to using the Securus system within a corrections facility. It is designed to help make inmate visitations easier on the inmate themselves and also help to keep the prison or jail as safe and secure as it can be. This is why so many facilities out there are currently using it for themselves. It might be a perfect addition to your own facility if you are looking for a system that is secure and will help everyone to have a better experience with inmate phone calls, video visitations and overall security.

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New York City has always been an exciting tourist destination. People from around the world come to experience what New Yorkers call the best of the best, and most of them are not disappointed. In fact, millions of people that visit “The City” now what to live there. But in order to own a piece of New York real estate they need plenty of cash. Real estate prices in New York City are breaking records. One penthouse on 57th Street sold for more than $100 million in 2015.

Town Residential, one of the leading real estate companies in New York, isn’t surprised by the prices. Real estate values in New York City and Brooklyn have been increasing steadily for the last seven or eight years. It has been a seller’s market according to brokers at Town Residential. Condos and townhomes as well as co-ops have been selling for extravagant prices for the last two years, and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight.

According to Town Residential agents, 2015 was the year of big ticket sales. The agents are selling listings all over the city for crazy prices thanks to people that have the cash to spend as well as foreign buyers that don’t care what the cost is as long as they get a chance to say they have a place in New York. Right now, Town Residential has 6 featured properties for sale, and all of them are listed for more than $2 million. One of them is listed on Charles Street for more than $22 million.

The price of New York real estate will continue to climb, according to Town Residential Brokers. Hedge fund billionaire Ken Griffin recently signed a contract on a Central Park South triplex for $200. Plus new construction that is going on the market for $10 million plus will test how many mega-million buyers are actually in the market. But if the current sales are any indication there are plenty of $10 million plus buyers waiting to purchase a home in New York. Fourteen units on Central Park South are listed for $50 million or more, according to the brokers at Town Residential.

An article in the New York Times described the real estate frenzy in the City. The article mentioned the fact that more people will be buying high priced real estate in New York because more of them are being built, and there are plenty of buyers that still want to live in the most exciting city in the world.