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Recently, an article was posted on that talked about the recent chapter 11 bankruptcy file of the home service company, Homejoy Inc. Unfortunately, Homejoy filed for this chapeter 11 case in the first week of December, on a Tuesday, in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in San Jose. The article also goes on to state that Homejoy has also decided to close down their website. Although Homejoy has many different funding services coming in from investors, the company still decided to shut down due to many unresolved challenges in the company. Several of Homejoy’s investers came up with $38 million from fundraisers, but the company still refused the money because things were becoming too confusing to continue with.

The article ends by stating that startup companies have been plagued with lawsuits that state a reclassification of contractors as employees, which means that labor costs will rise to 20% – 40%. However, one startup company, Handy Technologies Inc., is still heading on, by providing house cleaning and furniture-assembly services and is currently being invested in by companies like Fidelity Management, Research Co., Highland Capital Partners, and more. Overall, Handy Technologies has raised more than $110 million, which proves the company to be a competitor for Homejoy.

As said before, Handy Technologies is a home cleaning and furniture assembly company that has trusted professionals that are qualified to help home owners assemble everything properly in their houses. They also are known for their fast services. Home owners can simply book an appointment today and Handy’s professionals will be at the home as early and fast as the next day. Finally, if customers are not satisfied with the work done by Handy’s employees, they can get a 100% refund of their money without any issues.

Handy’s process has been known to be very simple and easy for almost all home owners to follow, which is why the company has been doing to so well in terms of its funds. Many investors have been flocking to Handy, hoping to chip in on the company’s greatest pinnacle of the year.

Overall, Homejoy may be closing down and causing several home owners to be disappointed, but another home service company is arising, Handy Technologies, and they are promising to bring similar services like Homejoy, but even better, more efficient, and cheaper!

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Traditionally, shopping has been a women’s hobby that men avoided whenever possible. With the prominence of e-commerce, that mindset is swiftly changing and today’s men are becoming more conscious of how they look. Business Insider recently published a feature article that picked up on the trend of men dressing better and explored how men have started to take their personal style a lot more seriously. “There’s a Reason Men are Dressing Better” discusses how men everywhere are stepping up their fashion game thanks to the convenience of the internet.

The article points out that men are changing the way they think about fashion in general and want to look good. So much so that menswear has seen a 16.7% increase in sales over the past five years and is on pace to keep growing. Being able to shop online without the pressure of trying on items and aimlessly walking around stores takes the pressure out of shopping and makes it infinitely more enjoyable. Varying price points are also drawing male consumers since they can compare prices without pressure from salespeople at a brick-and-mortar store.

The article mentioned several retailers that are capitalizing on this trend. One such retailer offering quality items at affordable price points is luxury shoe and accessory maker Paul Evans. Paul Evans offers an outstanding selection of fine men’s footwear and accessories designed to provide a customized look without the hefty price tag. Paul Evans shoes, belts and briefcases are crafted from the finest quality leather and are handmade in Italy. The affordability of the brand is achieved by using a direct-to-consumer model that eliminates the high markups typically seen in retail of luxury goods.

The Paul Evans shopping experience is completely exclusive to the internet which allows the brand function without the added overhead of retail locations or commission-driven sales associates. allows men to shop from the comfort of their own homes while ensuring them that they are getting the quality and value they deserve. Visitors to the site are able to view items in close detail and are offered views of the items being worn by real people. From casual to formal, Paul Evans is putting some of the world’s finest shoes and accessories right at your fingertips.

Yeonmi Park who wrote the book called “In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom”, didn’t know what the word freedom meant. What she did know was that the thing that she enjoyed most was having food. In 2007 she escaped across a frozen river with her parents into china. She was thirteen at the time. She then crossed the china and the Gobi desert to get to South Korea. It was hard for her because she was outside of the law. She got abused and starved. Her father died shortly after crossing over to join her. She is sad that he never got the chance to understand the world that is outside of North Korea. Pyongyang has released a video that claims that she fabricated a lot of her story. The movie accuses Yeonmi and her mom of being spies for the united states and people who live in North Korea have begun to to believe that this theory is correct.
Yeonmi stands by all of her claims that her story is true. There were some claims that discrepancies were found in her story. Yeonmi responded that some of the details of her story on Youtube needed to be changed in order to protect her family members. She chose to hide other events, like suffering sexual abuse out of shame. Other things that may be regarded as discrepancies she attributed to having a minimal grasp of English. Possible exaggerations are taken very seriously as the refugees from North Korea are in a delicate situation.

The New York City real estate market has remained incredibly hot and this has led to an rather high subscription of new development units, as has been seen in a report that just came out regarding Brooklyn and in Manhattan. These reports have shown that the demand for apartments is not only high but it is also accelerating in recent months putting further pressure on those seeking apartments.

Manhattan has a record absorption rate on new apartments that are in development. An absorption rate is calculated by the Real Estate Board of New York and it represents the amount of time that it takes before an apartment in development is claimed from the market. Typically speaking, in a healthy real estate market, the length of time is estimated to be 6 to 9 months of time. With the demand for new apartments in New York, the absorption rate for apartments is approximately 3 to 4 months, depending on the part of Manhattan.

This shows the incredible demand for apartments in Manhattan and emphasizes the benefits of using a highly qualified real estate agency like Town Real Estate which has extensive experience in dealing with not only new apartments but also existing locations.

In Brooklyn, the situation is similar with new development units being snatched up quickly and before they ever go to market. Half of the new development units in Brooklyn are currently sold and this quick movements in these units has put additional pressure on the pricing of units in the market. Only 550 units new development units remain in Brooklyn as of November 2015, which have put additional pressure on the pricing of units.

All of these factors have placed an added burden on those who are seeking apartments in Brooklyn or Manhattan and have added to the importance of using an real estate agent that can help you to find the right apartments. New development units are particularly difficult to locate with their shortage but also because a buyer must have good contacts with apartment developers and a solid resume when applying for an apartment. Town Real Estate can help you on both fronts and make sure that your application package is designed to improve your chances of getting the apartment that you are looking for and helping you to locate units when they are first available so that you can quickly find a place that fits your needs.