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For a startup to be successful they need to attract investors that are excited about and believe in the potential for the company to succeed. That means that investors are everything because they can make or break a startup. That is why the new start-up company that Eric Lefkofksy has co-founded., Tempus is proud that they have reached Unicorn status. Unicorn Status is a term used in startup culture to describe when a company has been valued at over 1 billion, while still being privately held. It is very rare, and only a handful of Chicago based companies have achieved this. Reaching Unicorn Status means that a company has been successful at their objective and that investors believe that this success will continue.

For Eric Lefkofsky’s company Tempus, which was founded in 2015, success means that they have been able to help change the way cancer care is implemented. Specifically, they analyze data about cancer treatment patients and then use this data analysis to help oncologists find a better course of treatment. Lefkofsky is a data specialist who co-founded the company because he became interested in helping ensure that cancer patients had a better quality of life.

From the knowledge learned by crunching the numbers and finding out which treatments work for which patients, Lefkofsky, and the company are able to help doctors find a specific course of treatment for specific types of cancers. In the past, oncologists had been prescribing a more or less “one size fits all” treatment plan for their patients without really knowing which treatments are successful for which patients and their particular cancer. Oncologists are able to study the database that Tempus has created and will hopefully make new discoveries about cancer treatment options, thus making the lives of cancer patients easier.

With their latest round of funding, Tempus was able to secure 80 million dollars from donors who were impressed by the way the company is able to use data to change cancer treatment. Some of the investors that helped Tempus reach Unicorn status include new investors Kinship Trust Co, as well as Revolution Growth and New Enterprise Associates.

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Today, Tony Petrello is best known for his successes at the helm of Nabors Industries, the largest global oil exploration and mining firm. His success here saw him make the cut for America’s top-paid Chief Executive Officer for the year 2015. From humble beginnings to a global business leader, Petrello’s life story is amazing.

Early life

The young Tony can be described as a good boy and a remarkable student. He was raised in New Jersey’s Newark neighborhood and attended public schools around the area for his early education. He made a name for himself early on in high school for his mathematics prowess. Yale University followed soon after. He was offered a mentorship opportunity with Serge Lang and an educational scholarship at the university. Serge Lang was a world-renowned mathematician with numerous contributions to field. This is how Tony Petrello made his first step in his long journey to greatness. He attained both a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s Degree at Yale. Tony Petrello took interest in law soon after graduating and joined Harvard Law School.

Curving his career

After graduating from Harvard, Tony Petrello’s biggest career opportunity came in 1979 when he joined the much-famed law firm, Baker & McKenzie. At this law firm he based his practice in arbitration and taxation. In this field, he was fascinated by how law and business work and in hand. Due to this, he put more interest in this field. Thanks to his brilliance and excellence, he was named a managing partner for Baker & McKenzie Law Firm New York branch in 1986. As a managing partner at this law firm, he came across a client – Nabors Industries – little did he know then what the future held for him.

At Nabors industries

His brilliant work as Nabors Industries tax attorney, this global oil and natural gases driller took notice of him. Tony was appointed as Chief Operating Officer at Nabors Industries in 1991. At this position, he was tasked with overseeing day to day operations at this company. Sometime later, he joined this company’s board of directors. In 1992, Tony Petrello was appointed the President of this global natural resources explorer. At this time he made a name for himself with a $32 million deal to buy Grace drilling in 1993. His latest giant purchase was the Superior Wells Services acquisition in 2010. He also pioneered the SANAD joint venture with Saudi’s Aramco in 2016. These three deals cemented the success of Nabors Industries in the global oil and natural gases exploration.

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Stone Energy chief executive outlined that the company is committed adding value to shareholders investment through dedication to work. The company aims to direct more investments in sea drilling to improve the potential for more cash flow into the company. Exploration at Mt. Providence Well and Derbio Well are some of the recent of expeditions by Stone Energy Corporation as it aims to improve its valuation in future. The net income for the company was $ 17.1 million for the quarter ending on December 2017. The average production was about 17.6 thousand barrel, which was efficient despite challenges to Hurricane Nate. The company also continued with production effectively despite a shutdown of one its platforms, which underwent replacement of the compressor engine.

Talos Energy Merges with Stone

The two companies completed the merger in November 2017 after the approval by the Board of Directors from the two sides to create a single entity as Talos Energy Inc. The stock of drilling and exploration company will trade under the symbol of TALO on the NYSE.


According to the results, transport, processing and other related costs for 2017 was $ 11 million. The depreciation expenses, as well as the amortization, had $133.8 million. The salaries and other general expenses for 2017 were $54.7 million a reduction by 2.55% from 2016, which stood at $58.9 million. Salaries expenses for the year also included restructuring costs pertaining to the reduction of employees in 2017. The net derivative costs rose in 2017 as compared to 2016 from $0.8 million to $15.20 million. The rise was due to Stones’ policy settling on the 2017-2019 commodity derivatives as a cash flow in 2017.

Company Liquidity and other Operations

One of the prospects of the company is the Derbio Deep Water Well, which the company hopes the project will be a success. Rampart Well portrays huge potential for over 107 feet rich in natural gas. Mt. Providence Well is another project providing the company with 153 net feet oil pays. The company has about $263.5 million cash at hand and a line of credit of $87.4 million. It has $ 18.7 million saved in company’s restrictive accounts for use in future operations. At end of 2017, the outstanding debt for Stone Energy was $235.9.

When Paul Mampilly sees the size of the gains of Bitcoin, he knows that it is the calm before the storm, or more accurately, the bull market before the bear market. He knows a bubble when he sees one! Paul Mampilly, with his decades of experience with investing and managing client accounts with millions of dollars for clients such as The Royal Bank of Scotland, knows when danger is lurking. He knows when an investment is going to go wrong very soon, and he makes sure to pass on that advice to his dozens of thousands of subscribers who all eagerly await his Investor Daily articles that come out through his publisher, Banyan Hill Publishing.



In one of his recent articles, he mentions how Bitcoin has grown to over one thousand percent. He says that the last time he saw such huge gains was during 1999, at the height of the dot com mania. He had a friend who made a lot of money with dotcom stocks.

What were the dotcom companies? According to Paul Mampilly, many of them had no basis behind them. They were just companies with a website. Many of them had no profit, no revenue, no cash flow, no experience, and basically nothing to speak of except a website and a plan. Essentially, says Paul Mampilly, many of these companies were just frauds. However, says Paul Mampilly, this did not prevent his friend and thousands of others who all went in and invested a lot of money into these dotcom stocks. Follow Paul on Facebook.

It is not that they did not make money through their investments. They did, or at least they did in the beginning. However, soon enough, the crash came. At the time, Paul Mampilly was one of the few who was aware that this was going to be the bubble before the crash. He warned his friend to sell all of her assets so that she would not be ruined by the crash, which was sure to come in Paul Mampilly’s opinion, which he based on the various factors that he had done research on.

Did his friend listen to him? No, she did not. She refused to talk to him anymore. That is, until he was proven right and all the stocks started crashing. Of course, Paul Mampilly was unaffected, because he had already taken profits at the peak. View Paul’s profile on Linkedin.

What defines true success? Is it wealth? Power? Or the ability to make something of yourself doing something you’re good at, while enjoying what you love?

This is what entrepreneur Robert Deignan has done his entire life. From graduating from St. Thomas Aquinas High School in 1992, then Purdue University in 1995, Deignan has always had a passion for business. In 1998, he was the co-founder of Fairlink, LLC until 1995 before transitioning to become an Executive VP for iS3, Inc. He served there without hesitation until 2011.

2011 was an important year for Deignan, since he founded the Inbound Call Experts (ICE), which later became ATS Digital services, which helped consumers to provide support for software issues.

So adept he was in business, the company was the first certified by the APDEstem Corporation as a call center to give support to all consumers in software applications due to their strict compliance of laws.

And throughout his success, Deignan found pleasure in fishing as a way to balance his life. Most people may think it frivolous, but being able to find something to enjoy while maintaining and building a business is the definition of success.

He went on to win 2nd place in the Carolina Boat Builders tournament as a point runner during the Awards and Scholarship Night, a society that promoted building cultural awareness and the heritage of boat building, while ensuring educational opportunities for students.

Even more impressive is that he served with Team Liquid in the 79th Sailfish Derby, coming out as number one, even after obstacles kept them falling behind.

It’s this kind of perseverance that has made Deignan a success in both business and his life: the ability to never give up or take things as they go. It’s been said that a person who refuses to succumb to the pressures of life are usually the ones that live great ones.

From graduation from high school and college, Deignan has proven this to be true. His accomplishments distinguish him greatly: from business to even his personal life. And while many wonder how he does this, it’s easy: a zest for life.


Ara Chackerin is a philanthropist and a San Francisco entrepreneur. His career has grown through several decades of hard work, putting much emphasis on healthcare technology. Through the years, he has founded several companies that specialize in imaging service. Currently, he is working to spread awareness on access to good mental health.


In 1991, Ara joined the Florida State University and later graduated with Bachelors of Arts in Marketing. He worked at Nor Luyce as one of the directors in 2009. In 2010, Mr. Chackerian served on the board of directors of PipelineRx. He then worked as director of TMS Health Solutions in 2016. It is this wide range of service that has equipped him with the experience to advocate for better healthcare technology.


Ara Chackerian is the president and co-founder of Limoapa Teak. This is a firm that employs an environment-friendly practice to provide the jobs needed to the local community. Ara is very much committed to giving back to the society. This has seen him create and support many non-profit projects that focus on the youth and their education.




Mr. Chackerian has worked in the forestry sector for numerous years. Ara, in his work on forestry, has provided the techniques that needed to harvest the available resources from nature. Like other forestry experts, Chackerian recognizes the diversity in wilderness areas and how they require resource management and precise planning. He acknowledges the effort required to make the different forest types enjoyable by both wildlife and humans. For more details visit Crunchbase.


One of the things that Ara Chackerian has always emphasized is the need for information-sharing and public dialogue in wildlife and forestry management. He believes that an informed public is well equipped to help in environmental conservation. One of the successes of these efforts has been increased revenue generation. Today, Ara together with other experts can use scientific methods to manage areas occupied by wildlife thus minimizing diseases. Check out their website arachackerian.com



It is important to note that Ara and others are celebrated for the proponent of timber rotation in Michigan. Ara Chackerian, together with others across the globe, have gained a lot of revenue and recognition in their efforts to conserve this resource.

Shiraz Boghani is a vice chairman at Splendid Hospitality Group. He is also a chairman at Sojourn Hotels and a founding partner. He received the award Hotelier of The Year in 2016 from Asian Business Awards. This award shows appreciation for his unique leadership role in the hospitality industry.

During his acceptance speech, Shiraz expressed how honored he was to be apart the successful Splendid Hospitality Group as chairman. He also acknowledged the entire Splendid Group staff. Shiraz Boghani has also won many other awards. He was among the first to start limited service brand hotels in the 1900s and has been extremely successful in the hotel industry despite all of the competition.

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Shiraz Boghani moved to the United Kingdom to pursue his career in accounting in 1969. Shiraz now owns 19 hotels all across the United Kingdom. The hotels range from inexpensive to luxurious. Some of his hotels include Holiday Inn London, The York, The Conrad London St. James and the New Ellington Hotel. The Holiday Inn has a total of 336 rooms and the Conrad London St. James has a total of 256 rooms. He has tremendously helped his Group, Sojourn Hotels and helped it grow in the United Kingdom.

Shiraz Boghani is a founding partner of Sussex Health Care. This organization provides shelter and health services for New England. They also treat patients with physical and other disabilities. Neurological care is also something the organization is well known for providing. They are very serious about providing the best care for their patients. They make sure to provide their staff with nonstop training and to invest in quality equipment for their patients. The organization partners with many other colleges to better suit and educate their patients. Sussex Health Care has grown to have 18 homes and more than 500 beds.

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Logan Stout has established a solid reputation for himself. He has done so across several fields, and he has become noted not only for his baseball career but his business savvy and more.

One of Logan Stout’s great loves is baseball. He has been playing since he was a child, and he was twice named an “All American” as a pitcher during his college baseball career. As a professional athlete and, later on, coach, he went to the World Series 17 times.

Given the passion that Logan Stout has for baseball, it is unsurprising that he then went on to found the Dallas Patriots. The amateur team has become noted as being a leader in getting young players signed to college or professional teams.

Logan Stout has not limited himself just to the world of baseball, however. He has also built a reputation in other arenas as well. He has established himself as a keynote speaker and leadership trainer.

That knowledge of leadership and success principles even led Logan Stout to write a book: Stout Advice: The Secrets to Building Yourself, People, and Teams! In it, he shares some of the things that he has learned over the years regarding leadership and team building.

In addition to the many other roles that he has taken on, Logan Stout has also branched into the world of wellness. He did this with his company IDLife. He founded the company in 2014, and it is headquartered in Frisco, TX. IDLife specializes in producing and selling a range of organic, non-GMO products for supplementation and weight loss.

Logan Stout has seen significant success over the span of his career. He has also chosen to share some of his success by giving back. Logan Stout has gained a reputation as a philanthropist in addition to all of the other things that he has done.

Source: https://technewsspy.com/2017/07/27/logan-stout-announces-idlifes-partnership-with-garmin/

Clayton Hutson has become the most successful musician and in the field of art. From his tender age, he had a tremendous passion for art and music. Clayton Hutson passion powered him to enroll a course leading to theatre arts in his youth age. He later enrolled for the MBA at Stephen M. Ross School of Business. He has an excellent educational background of which he even studied in Michigan University. On the completion of his academic life, Clayton Hutson had a chance to hold various positions with different live entertainment companies.

Clayton Hutson worked with Billy Graham`s sound team who had vast knowledge and experience in sound engineering. Clayton Hutson passion for Rock and Roll music pushed him to venture fully with to the music industry. Clayton was exposed to management, sound engineering, and many live performances, which made him establish his first music business.

He discovered that he had an entrepreneurial spirit and drove to transform his dreams into reality. His first music business expanded and grew faster than he could imagine. When he was interviewed, he said he started music venture when there were various economic uncertainties, and he never thought he would make it and become a successful person in the music industry. At the moment, Clayton Hutson has earned a lot of reputation for his exemplary work in the music field.

Clayton Hutson mentioned that success is measured by how much you invest regarding time, hard work, consistency, and personal focus. He talked about his success journey being full of efforts but not a walk in the park. Besides, working with Billy Graham, Hutson had traveled and worked with other prominent musicians like Garbage Band. They have traveled to various nations in Europe. One of Hutson`s most recognized and reputable outstanding accomplishments is when he operated the automatic rigging system that belonged to One Republic during its biggest tours. Learn more: https://angel.co/clayton-hutson

Clayton Hutson in recent past has worked with reputable and talented musicians including Kelly and Pink. He has been their manager, designer as well as a producer in almost all their concerts. Clayton Hutson music company earns a substantial amount of money through the provision of sound engineering services, rigging services, and live production. The company through the leadership of Clayton Hutson provides other services like stage management and logistics. Clayton Hutson gets a lot of business through recommendations from the clients and also from his website. He is active on various social media platform and has a LinkedIn profile that helps him to connect with people who have interest in music.

Someone who goes to school to study finance and business administration will inevitably go on to start a business and make millions right? Well, after graduating from Arizona State University that’s not quite what we went on to do. Instead, he found success by identifying market trends, investing in people and ideas, as well as perusing a life of looking out for the well being of humankind. Not you’re typical educated businessman, eight? My thoughts exactly but the work that he has carried out and the ideas be has shared go far beyond even my wildest dreams.

You see, about five years ago, Jason Hope donated $500,000 to an organization that’s busy researching ways to fighting aging. When I first heard of this and looked into SENS, at first, it sounded a little crazy. How could we fight aging, wasn’t it built into our DNA? Isn’t death the one thing that gives life meaning, why would we want to fight it?

What I uncovered was, perhaps the goal should be to live longer and healthier lives. Too often we see someone’s life cut short because of diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s, or even heart disease. Without a fighting chance. For obvious reason, no cure exists for these diseases. Once diagnosed, it’s like your doctor has pre-signed your death certificate, and your expiration is official.

Yet, what if all of that could be a thing of the past?

As a unique case, Jason Hope is hoping for a future where life is no longer limited by diseases that cut it short. Instead, for new treatments engineered by SENS to eliminate them from our bodies and promote healthy unlike anything humankind has experienced before.

Rejuvenation Biotechnology is a new industry that is seeming to treat these diseases where before we were relegated to making life comfortable with pills and serums that made things worse. The clock remained ticking, as well prepared to meet our making.

Noticing this up and coming trend, Jason Hope has set out to change humanities fate without being the head of some bug company looking to turn a profit. Sooner rather than later we will live in a world where living to 100 will be more common, or perhaps even 200 or 300 years. Imagine how much we could witness in our lifetimes, how much we could contribute to society. Life would be akin to a science fiction graphic novel.

About Jason Hope: ideamensch.com/jason-hope/