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The largest accredited, private art university in America is The Academy of Art University. The university offers an environment where students are taught by professionals who work in their field of study outside of the school. There are thirty areas to receive a degree in at the school and students can attend on the San Francisco campus, or complete all classes online.

The school has a no barrier admissions meaning all that’s needed to attend is a passion for art, and the drive to develop skills in your desired field. Since its beginning in 1929, the university has had a strong belief in building community and supporting each other. Students are encouraged to collaborate and build a support system to help each other while being mentored by expert teachers. Students are taught more than art; the university holds itself to the highest ethical standards, and teaches its students to have the same standards in all areas of life.

The University believes its students learn best from teachers who work leading careers in their industry. One of the university’s teachers at the top of his profession is Jan Philip Cramer. He is the head of animation at the digital domain for the Academy of Art University. Outside of teaching, Cramer has overseen the animation aspects of several blockbuster hits including X-Men: Days of Future Past, Deadpool, Resurgence, and popular smash hit, 2017’s Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Much to disbelief, Cramer was able to fulfill one of his biggest dreams yet, and was asked to oversee the animation for the new Avengers movie, The Avengers: Infinity War. Cramer gives most of the credit for his success to The Academy of Art University, who helped shape his path for his desired career, and awarded him the Academy of Art University’s Emerging Artist Alumni Award in 2011. Because the university hires teachers who work at the top of their industry, Cramer had mentors who helped him achieve his dream job in movie animation.

Cramer has several movies to look forward too such as Captain Marvel and Ant-Man and the Wasp. His career is just taking off!

Find out more about Academy of Art University: http://www.academygalleries.com/academy-galleries/about/contact-us.html


Environmental Clean Technologies Limited began a major project in December of 2016.This project involved performing research and development in India which is where the main base of the project would project benefits. ECT is an operations set in Melbourne Australia and they have partnered with Equities first Holdings to utilize their shareholder financing program.EFH gladly assisted with this endeavor as to it was for a great cause and a great opportunity to utilize the company’s innovations and concentrated management team. The funding which EFH helped ECT with was $30 million to aid in the very important well sought-after understandings of emerging energy and minerals technologies.

This project held such a promise to Equities First Holdings that they relocated this office to Melbourne Australia one month earlier in November of 2016.The Melbourne-based company also trains in engineering and commercialization of leading-edge coal benefaction and iron making technologies. Today these types of developments are pertinent to the growth and healthy environment of this world. EFH is not only interested in share holding but also in assisting with making great changes in this world.

The article in ideamensch.com provides a peek into the traits that made Vinod Gupta a successful entrepreneur who grew up in a tiny village in north India and pursued his higher education at the University of Nebraska. After completing his Masters in Business Administration, Vinod, who was hired by a mobile-home manufacturer, started his own company that provided information to other mobile-home manufacturers with $100 and transformed it into a company that sold for $680 million several years later.

Vinod Gupta, now the founder and General Partner of Everest Group, spends a large part of his day on long-term planning. He is able to do it by staying away from day to day operations, which he runs with a competent and trustworthy team. Everest Group invests in technology niche domains like digital printing, background checks. Vinod is also excited about emerging technologies that connect Artificial intelligence with databases to aid automated decision making.

Vinod’s advice to young entrepreneurs is to take risks and still be conservative in spending and always be conscious about the return on investment. Vinod is also passionate about improving productivity by maximizing utilization of information available in databases from usability and longevity perspectives.

Vinod’s journey, like all successful entrepreneurs, had its share of doomsday predictors who told him his venture would not succeed. Vinod himself admits to some common investor mistakes like overpaying for some companies bought and changing management teams that were doing well. The lessons he learnt were valuable guides in his professional mobility.

Vinod’s favorite book is ‘Managing’ by Harry Geneen. The best quote he knows is Harry Geneen’s ” take focus on the business and if you are a businessman, don’t try to be a social activist”. Vinod finds the immediate reach of digital social media platforms a great productivity tool.

As a businessman, Vinod invested every cent back in his business. Vinod also lead several philanthropic initiatives, giving millions back to his native village and also staying involved in community work all through his professional career.

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Jeff Herman, the founder and managing partner of Herman Law, focuses all of his efforts to help the victims of sexual abuse, sexual exploitation, and rape victims. He is recognized around the United States, and has built a national practice through hard work and dedication as well as having represented over a 1000 clients. He has nearly three decades of experience in his chosen field of law. He fought valiantly on behalf of a victim of sexual abuse at the hands of Roman Catholic Priest of the Archdiocese of Miami, Father Neil Doherty. Former father Neil Doherty was sentenced to 15 years for his horrific crimes. Jeff Herman was able to secure $100,000,000 for the victim.

He stresses that parents must be actively involved in their children’s online and offline activities. Being that children are so trusting and naive is one of the main reasons they are so susceptible to these types of atrocities. Children tend to feel a sense of guilt for letting it happen, or may have absolutely no idea that what is happening is wrong, twisted, and down right evil.

Jeff Herman is an active participant in his community’s programs that are focused on helping children get the education they need to prevent sexual abuse. He teaches classes for Continuing Legal Education which covers trial techniques and litigation. As well as the societal contributions listed above, Jeff Herman also been a trainer for the National Crime Victim Bar Association. His outstanding achievements have made it to the national news media scene many times over. Not only that, he has made more than a handful of television appearances as well and is qualified to work all over the United States.

He received his Bachelor of Science in 1982 from the University of Arizona. Then went on to Case Western Reserve University School of Law where he earned his Juris Doctorate in 1985. Jeff even served at the Editor of the Journal of International Law as well as holding the honored position of President of the International Law Society.

Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is the new novel written by actor Sean Penn. The novel is one of a kind. It has been described as different and not what comes first to mind. The vocabulary used as the diction for the novel may require the average person to do a bit of research on the meaning of the rather descriptive words. But it’s worth the extra research to enjoy the novel.

Sean Penn’s novel is set in a dystopian atmosphere. It has a collection of chapters that discuss many different subjects like presidential elections and the infamous drug dealer El Chapo. He also makes references in his book about how the media plays a role in the social issues occurring in the world. He uses fluctuating emotions of impactful passion and understood anger. The issue of bullying is brought up in the book. World issues also got a spot in the novel like the Russian involvement with U.S. elections and the Las Vegas, Nevada mass shooting. Be brings up scientology in the book mentioning for some it is way for them to distract themselves from the day to day normality. His rhetoric being expressed through metaphors and satire shows his appreciation as an author for the English language.


The actor took a break from screenwriting to pen this novel. He wanted a break from working on scripts for film and for plays to create something on his own that did not involve others. So, he did. He created this fiction novel about a salesman working part time as a killer for the government. In ways, the novel mirrors the author himself and honestly today’s society.

The novelist’s creation of a funny tale on such bleak yet truthful subjects is a book that will be read, enjoyed, questioned and mostly a perspective altering read for years to come. According to Sean Penn’s interview with Vogue about Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, there may be another dystopian book in the works. But until then as readers, we will continue to remember the author’s points of social injustice and corrupt government as we better analyze the issues we face in our own communities and country.

There are some people who find it very hard to get out of bed and get a few tasks done for the day. Then there is Roseann Bennett who seems to be superhuman when it comes to accomplishments. When looking at her day, she starts off doing a lot of work for business and marriage counseling. She connects with people and shows them that they can make positive changes in their lives. She also takes on a lot of calls and meetings throughout the day. She also looks at different ideas so that she can find the best ideas for her business and career. Then when she gets done with her day, she watches and reads with her family. Then they talk about their day.

While people may look at Roseann Bennett and think that she is doing the impossible. The truth is that it is possible to reach the level of productivity that Roseann Bennett has achieved. There are a few steps to take. One of the most important steps that Roseann has taken was to find something that she is passionate about. This is one of the driving factors for her productivity. For others, this may work as well.

Going beyond passion, people can also get organized with their ideas. As a matter of fact, people who are a little more organized in their days are going to get more done. Organized people tend to take on more throughout the day. The best thing about this is that they feel like they have done less compared to the chaotic individual. When people are disorganized about their day, they may feel like they have done so much throughout the day while they have accomplished so little. While Roseann Bennett takes on a lot of tasks throughout the day, she may not feel like she is working all that hard.

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In 2012, President Obama won the election to serve his second term. In the campaigns which led to this victory, there was a massive application of technology during the campaigns for the first time in the history of the United States politics. The Democratic Party hired the services of NGP VAN, a leading provider of technological solutions to political organizations. President Obama has a software known as Pollwatcher. This was a mobile application which supporters of his candidature would use to know the status of the campaigns. This was also a platform for Obama to address the voters in person. With almost every American using a smartphone, technology-based campaign strategy has a high chance of leading to a victory.

President Obama campaigns proved that it is possible to use technology for political canvassing. With the growth in internet connectivity, a politician does not need to meet all the voters physically. Through technology solutions such as Pollwatcher, they can talk to their supporters directly through their personal devices. This revolution has just changed the meaning of “all politics is local.” The technology employed by Obama is credited with mobilizing over 14 million votes. With developments in technology. The campaigns of the current century are very different from those of the last one.

The high demand for technology in campaigns have led to an increase in opportunities for computer programs which can translate technology into winning methods. Websites and mobile apps for political applications are in high demand, especially during campaign periods.

Given that political contests involve high stake strategies, mobile applications and websites that are created should be good enough that they cannot leak any data to opponents or cannot be hacked. Hacking of such platforms can be used by the opponents to destabilize campaigns of each other. So, when hiring a company to perform the duty of leading technology-based campaigns, the choice should be made with a keen look at the reputation of the firm. NGP VAN has proved that they can be relied upon to help a political party run an efficient technology-based campaign.

NGP VAN is a company with offices in Washington DC. Its role is to supply campaign technology to political parties and politicians all over the world. There are multiple other political parties which have benefited from the expertise of the NGP VAN. With technology changing from time to time, NGP VAN is closely following to update their strategies as soon as a change is detected.

A recent article by Hi-Tech Chronicle reports details a new wave in economic spending; Contactless payments. Now, what exactly is a contactless payment? Mostly, they are a digital version of a wallet. This type of payment uses debit cards, credit cards, etc., and allows the owner to make a purchase digitally through NFC or near-field communication. One favorite Fintech company that offers contactless payment is PSI-Pay. In addition to PSI-Pay, Kerv, an affiliate of PSI-Pay, provides the ability to make contactless payments through rings. In America, systems like Samsung pay, apple pay, google pay, dominate the market, whereas in the UK it is a little bit more saturated. However, PSI-Pay is leading the way. And they are doing it in a country that is more accepting of this form of payment.

Contrary to most digital wallets, PSI-Pay is regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority. This regulation is crucial because it gives its users less to worry about when considering a switch to digital wallets. They provide payment convenience as well as digital accounts to its consumers both abroad and close to home.

The article addresses points that suggest why consumers will use contactless payments. Some include efficiency and speed. With just a tap, the transaction will be completed, and the consumer will not have to spend time counting cash and searching for his or her credit card. Another benefit is security. “Ecurity” measures have been put in place by both PSI-Pay and its affiliate Kerv to reduce the likelihood of a security breach. Some steps include approved short range usage; which lessens the threat of illegal copying, and no liability if an unauthorized person uses the card.

Also, contactless payment has similar security to cards such as PIN and chips with many layers of protection.

PSI-Pay believes that contactless payment represents the future of consumer purchasing. And this is proving to be right with many different types of organizations evolving and accepting contactless payments. The popularity of consumers is so much that in the UK, public transportation operators are working to make contactless payment usable with trains and buses.

Even with all of this excitement, this movement isn’t expected to replace fiat money. At least not soon. And even though this industry still faces significant hurdles, companies like PSI-Pay and Kerv, coupled with consumer pressure and business participation continue to work hard to evolve the current financial landscape toward flexible technology and make personal finance more accessible and affordable for everyone.

Born of immigrant parents in 1971 , William Saito is a California native, born and raised in Southern California. While his aspirations would lead to surprising collaborations during his years in college, the best reward would be realized living in Japan.

William Saito was instrumental in the introduction of displaying the Japanese characters used in translations for different software products on personal computers. In 1992, Datastorm Technologies, Inc contacted Saito to help them enter the Japanese market. This collaboration, along with Saito’s knowledge of the Japanese language and his aptitude for developing computer programs, helped to open opportunities to work with other soon-to-be technology giants. Datastorm was later acquired by cyber security giant Symantec. By 1995, William Saito was sought after by the likes of Toshiba and Sony. I/O Software’s products and applications became extremely successful and attracted a working relationship with Toshiba which wanted I/O Software’s device driver for its new technology in video cameras. During this process, a video conferencing application was created and this attracted the attention of Sony. Sony created a successful ease-of-use video conferencing system which is currently used by companies worldwide.

By the year 2000, William Saito’s interest in biometrics and information security led to a partnership with Microsoft which led to a full acquisition of the biometric and authentication technology provided by I/O Software. Fingerprint and voice recognition technology is used on Windows-based computers and laptops to this day.

Since his move to Japan in 2005, William Saito has been tireless in his entrepreneurial pursuits by establishing InTecur, a venture capital consultancy. Mr. Saito’s forward thinking is evident in the investment companies he owns. Of his 19 companies, 15 of them are run by women. This type of open-mindedness has put a spotlight on his entrepreneurial expertise.

Due to the earthquakes and subsequent tsunami in 2011, a nuclear disaster occurred at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant. The National Diet of Japan, the legislative body of Japan’s government, asked Mr. Saito to help with their investigation of the nuclear disaster. It was during this time that he became involved with the World Economic Forum. It was here he was recognized as an advocate of cyber security and gained notice as a Young Global Leader. Also during 2011, the Cabinet and Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan appointed him as advisor of cyber security.


If you are a company looking to vastly improve its marketing efforts by making them more engaging and enduring, Talk Fusion is a tool that can help achieve your goal. Founded more than 10 years ago it has become a leading provider of video marketing services. the company is committed to innovation and is the first of its kind all in one video marketing platform. Many companies that have used Talk Fusion have reported vast increases in sales and profits. Talk Fusion continues to expand its reach, now available in close to 150 countries. Recently it released a new video chat app.


The new app has a lot of hype around it, so much so that many don’t believe it will be able to live up to the expectations. The Fusion on the Go app has new features and functions that will further benefit companies and keep them competitive in their respective industries. The app is available for download on both the Google Play Store and iTunes. This means you can access the app through a variety of devices.


Talk Fusion made a name for itself with its video email product and though it now has a list of successful products video email is still its cash cow. Video email allows businesses to better engage with their customers, vendors, and even team members because of the way businesses can personalize messages thanks to the incorporation of video.


About Talk Fusion


Talk Fusion stays ahead of the game by seeing trends before the masses realize what’s happening. The company looks at every new trend as an opportunity for change. talk Fusion’s ultimate goal is to make way people communicate online as simple and easy as possible. It believes in order to achieve its goal it has to break down barriers and make more efficient alternatives for outdated technology. Learn more: https://www.forbes.com/sites/quickerbettertech/2010/11/10/talk-really-can-be-cheap/#355f7a864e80